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THE GREEN SOLUTION FOR DISPOSING MEDICAL WASTE STERISHRED® 250 THE ON-SITE SOLUTION TO CONVERT INFECTIOUS MEDICAL WASTE INTO MUNICIPAL TRASH IN MINUTES! STERISHRED® 250 is a modern compact on-site solution for treating infectious healthcare waste using a non-burn thermal process (steam sterilization) at 135°C. It simultaneously shreds and sterilizes biohazardous waste including sharps in minutes! TESALYS Sterishred Division Main Address 7, rue du Cassé 31240 Saint-Jean (Toulouse) France

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STERISHRED® 250 The on-site solution to convert infectious medical waste into municipal trash in minutes ! DRAIN STEAM Inner 32 mm 0 (heat resistant, floor level) Produced by the integrated steam generator, no external connection required COMPRESSED AIR Air compressor included TOTAL CYCLE TIME Approx. 40 to 50 min depending on steam generator version and load humidity LOADING CAPACITY (KG/CYCLE) TOTAL CYCLE TIME IN WORKING CONDITIONS (2) TREATMENT CAPACITY (KG/H) (3) EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS (HxWxD) 15 to 25 kg/cycle (Based on an average waste density of 0,12 to 0,2 kg/i) 40 to 45 min 20 to 35...

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