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Wake up and move! Mobilisation in early rehabilitation and in the intensive care unit

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Every day counts! International guidelines recommend that patients be mobilised twice daily for at least 20 minutes within the first three days of admission to the intensive care unit. “Early mobilisation in intensive care units reduces the risk of pneumonia, generalised weaknesses (ICUAW) or delirium. Even a passive pedalling movement with a movement exerciser promotes faster regeneration of the neuromuscular system, slows down muscle loss, regulates tone and stimulates the cardiovascular system and metabolism. This in turn leads to a better standing and walking ability. When used as an...

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stabilise pulmonary functions Safe Effective Variable The THERA-Trainer bemo can specifically promote mobility in bedridden and severely affected patients. Early mobilisation improves not only the functional outcome of these patients in the long term but also the degree of alertness. Timely exercise therapy shortens the duration of intensive treatment. The therapist can mobilise the patient effortlessly and flexibly. The trainer can be adjusted quickly and individually to the patient. - additional distance sensor - audiovisual signals - visual positioning aid

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reduce complications in intensive care High variability - se as leg and upper body exerciser, u optionally with THERA-soft - raining in lying, half-lying t and sitting position - an be used in the intensive c care unit, early rehabilitation, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, dialysis, etc safe and powerful drive technology for leg and upper body exercisers Further features sensor-controlled distance detection between trainer and patient easy hygiene with closed surfaces electrical height adjustment low space requirement for bed widths up to 115 cm

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improve functional outcome activate metabolism Quick set-up - tool-free accessory change - rgonomic, simple and quick e adjustment of the trainer to the patient

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We offer products and solutions for all phases of rehabilitation and incorporate the latest scientific findings into day-to-day therapy. Scientific studies THERA-Trainer solutions THERA-Trainer bemo THERA-Trainer tigo THERA-Trainer mobi THERA-Trainer verto THERA-Trainer balo THERA-Trainer coro THERA-Trainer lyra THERA-Trainer e-go Treadmill BEST PRACTICE Request information now without obligation! Tel +49 7355-93 14-0 | | medica Medizintechnik GmbH | Blumenweg 8 | 88454 Hochdorf | Germany A007-916 | 05/2019 | Modifications, misprints and errors...

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