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For daily exercise at home

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content cycling Standing & Balancing Editorial Easy to use Safe exercise Invented by engineers Developed with therapists Consequences of lack of physical exercise Strength Fitness Mobility Circulation & metabolism Further effects of exercise Introduction Cycling Therapy goals More than an ergometer THERA -Trainer tigo Leg support and foot fixing Control and display unit Biofeedback Models Standard equipment Introduction Standing & Balancing Therapy goals Two exercisers in one Control and display unit Foot positioning and fixing THERA -Trainer balo THERA -Trainer coro THERA -Trainer verto...

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»Living is movement, it starts with movement, and without movement, there is no life. Movement is as important as our daily bread.« motion Dear Readers, »For a life in motion« is our philosophy clear and brief. We, medica Medizintechnik GmbH, want to keep you moving – or make you move again. As we all know, physical and emotional well-being depend closely on daily exercise. Together with doctors, therapists and, most importantly, the users, our employees strive to find new and improved solutions. The therapy concepts thus developed are specially designed for people who want to regain their...

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control symbols Easy to use »Easy to use« is easier said than done. Mostly, the simplest of solutions prove to be the most challenging ones. The interface between people and technology is the control unit with a screen. Technology must serve people. Therefore our goal was to make menu navigation as intuitive as possible. This means to create a self-explanatory user interface you can easily use without help or instructions, or after a short briefing. This was achieved by means of clear screen masks, plain symbols, high-contrast fonts and illustrations, a simple Intuitive handling control...

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seals of approval and standards Safe exercise »Made in Germany« is a synonym for highest quality, reliability and safety. Even when developing, we focus on internal quality checks. In our own test labs we conduct high-stress performance tests and safety checks. 95 % of our carefully selected suppliers have their headquarters in Germany, so »Made in Germany« applies here as well. To keep up with all your requirements, we thoroughly test the THERA-Trainers' suitability for daily use in medical facilities. Quality & safety Additionally, our engineers and every single one of our employees work...

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Invented by engineers Innovation doesn't happen by chance. What drives us is the will to set people in motion and help persons with movement restrictions regain their mobility. Success-oriented physical exercise therapy starts with high-class equipment. New developments that »move« you are the goal of our engineers. For more than 20 years, medica has been the originator of many ground-breaking innovations. Some examples: An important step towards the independent use of TH E RA-Trainers – the patented foot fixing The first colour screen for active-passive exercisers A world innovation...

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bernd rall – Th e rapist – Therapy Range »The medica engineers keep surprising me with their interest in therapeutic requirements and their ability to come up with fantastic solutions for us therapists and our patients.« Developed with therapists At the end of every exercise session, what counts is the fun you had during exercising and of course your exercise success. THERA-Trainers are success-oriented products that boost the therapeutic effect. Even in the product development stage, our engineers bring in therapists and doctors. These experts give important impulses for new products and...

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as important as eating and drinking Accide nts or medical conditions e.g. MS, strokes, paraplegia, muscular diseases, Parkinson's disease, ... spasti city, hyposthe n ia, contractions pla ntar fle xion of the feet, muscular atrophy poor cardiov ascular circulation cold legs, risk of th r ombosis, pain reduced general fitness and ability Wh at happens w hen th ere is a Lack of e x e rcise? Persons with physical restrictions often can't satisfy their natural need to be active. What's more, it's often hard to find the time and energy for any kind of exercise. This is the reason why physical...

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strength training ...without strength you won't move anything Exercise 80 % of your muscles A basic requirement for nearly all your everyday activities is sufficient muscular strength – whether you are using walking aids or not. Truly effective exercise does not concentrate on individual muscles; it should activate as many as possible. Our THERA-Trainers activate up to 80 % of your muscles simultaneously. Strong muscles for an i nde pendent life Experience has shown that insufficient muscular strength needs you to rely on other people's help. Daily TH E R A-Trainer exercise can maintain and...

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improve your Practice ma kes perfect Beside strength and mobility, physical fitness is the most important element for your well-being. Exercising with a TH E R A-Trainer will activate almost all of your muscles, but especially your heart. It will improve your blood circulation and thus provide all organs with fresh oxygen. Regular exercise will also increase your lung volume. Good cardiovascular fitness will help you to keep up your daily routine – longer, safer and with considerably less effort. Studies have shown that fitness training is only effective if it's done regularly. We recommend...

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mobility is important ...because a rolling stone gathers no moss! Mob ility can be i mproved Sooner or later, lack of exercise will always lead to considerable restrictions of mobility. Your muscles and tendons will shorten, and your joints will become stiff. Often, mobility will be limited by symptoms such as paralysis, increased muscle tone, spasticity, arthrosis or arthritis – if you neglect your exercise. Systematic and regular exercise is important for an independent lifestyle. If you lack this kind of mobility, even everyday activities such as cooking, driving or getting dressed will...

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