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Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer


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Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer - 1

Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer Complete infrared spectroscopy system for routine analytical needs

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Your process, our answer

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The first FT-IR spectrometer designed for you Owning a Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iS™10 FT-IR spectrometer means you are up and ready as soon as your instrument is turned on. You do not need to be a spectroscopy expert to get good data from your Nicolet iS10 spectrometer – the expertise is already built into the instrument. Materials verification Materials identification Validation, data integrity and push-button operation are important requirements, but no longer sufficient in today’s fast-paced, continuous-improvement business environment. Your job requires you to manage cost of...

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Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer - 4

System is always qualified • ave valuable time and optimize laboratory throughput by S running system performance qualification overnight, every night with System Performance Verification (SPV) • Qualify the spectrometer and the accessory • ystem suitability testing complements performance S verification • onstant system monitoring C Sample information loading and preparation • inimize user interaction by loading sample M information through bar codes • tandardize sample preparation and quality of results S by using the Thermo Scientific™ Smart iTX™ ATR sampling accessory • ven method...

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Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer - 5

Sample verification • Verify raw materials, intermediates and finished products for consistency, purity and concentration • Regardless of your sample – be absolutely confident in your pass/fail results, thanks to the new and unique compare tools in the Thermo Scientific™ QCheck™ feature • uantify your compounds with classic and chemometric tools Q in Thermo Scientific™ TQ Analyst™ software Standard on every Nicolet iS10 spectrometer is an integrated scan button pad that incorporates LED status and humidity indicator. Comprehensive reports, quick and easy • ystem validation status and date S...

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Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer - 6

Universal sampling – reality Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) is a powerful sampling technique that virtually eliminates sample preparation. The Thermo Scientific Smart iTX ATR sampling accessory for the Nicolet iS10 spectrometer offers outstanding performance and universal sampling. • Multiple crystal options make it possible to sample virtually any liquid or solid • Automatic recognition, collection parameters, spectral quality check • Factory-calibrated pressure tower ensures spectral uniformity • Easy to clean and quickly load your next sample • Maximum durability; withstands hard and...

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Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer - 7

Productivity and efficiency Double your lab’s throughput without doubling your budget. The Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iZ™10 adds a second sampling module while sharing your Nicolet iS10 spectrometer’s analytical engine. Maximize productivity • onfigure the spectrometer for routine daily use with C the main sample compartment • liminate accessory changeover delays and complete E sample analysis faster Ensure quality results • ptimized performance of dedicated accessories with O the flexibility to meet changing needs quickly Easily comply • ndependently validate each module with our Thermo I...

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Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer - 8

Analytical support – problem in, answer out When defects occur in your manufacturing process, when suspected counterfeit goods threaten your brand, or when your quality control laboratory rejects a product – your analytical services day has begun. Tough questions... Q Why was the material rejected? Q Why did the failure occur? Q Is the customer correct, or did they not …Require definitive answers Q What is the root cause? Q What possible actions can we take? A OMNIC Specta protects and improves Getting to the core of these questions requires an investment in spectral libraries, ability to...

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Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer - 9

Analytical support – see, study, report Quantitative method development • Provide better tools to QC laboratories to monitor finished products quality • Measure the concentration of your ingredients after mixing or before product shipment • Verify product specifications for quality assurance OMNIC software includes TQ Analyst quantitative analysis for multiple compounds in simple mixtures. For more complex mixtures and diluted ingredients, chemometric tools such as PLS, PCA and PCR are optionally available. Contamination and failure analysis by infrared microscopy • easure particles,...

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Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer - 10

Auditing made easy Quality-driven businesses, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and other regulated laboratories must have absolute confidence in the answers they provide – with supporting documentation. The Nicolet iS10 FT-IR spectrometer is the perfect partner for any regulated and quality driven environment. The standard qualification package includes software, hardware and documentation based on industry-standard validation methods, traceable standards, and automated overnight qualification. System Performance Verification (standard) ValPro System Qualification • ully automated ASTM E-1421...

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Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer - 11

Quality, performance and support Built to last and backed by the Thermo Scientific global customer service network, the Nicolet iS10 spectrometer is designed to be the workhorse of your laboratory. Sealed and desiccated optics lowers maintenance costs Standard KBr/BaF2 anti-hygroscopic coating, protective windows Automatic atmospheric suppression removes water and carbon dioxide from spectra, with no need to select a reference spectrum. • User rechargeable desiccant canister and humidity inspection window • High-sealing gaskets to protect system from chemical vapors The simple optical...

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Nicolet iS10 FT-IR Spectrometer - 12

Nicolet iS10 FT-IR spectrometer Beyond one-click operation, performance and ease-of-use • Highest confidence when identifying impurities and mixtures • Continuous performance verification • Error-free sample information loading • Highest confidence in QC pass/fail results You are responsible for providing answers. You require the highest confidence in your results, efficient laboratory operation and low cost of ownership. The Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS10 FT-IR spectrometer has been designed for you. Discover how the Nicolet iS10 system provides the performance, reliability, and simplicity...

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