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Shaping New Perspectives on Pulmonary Function tremo 1o' Airwave Oscillometry Fast, Easy, Portable

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tremoflo Benefits Tidal Breathing No forced expiration. Intra-Breath Analysis Insp/Expiratory analysis. Respiratory Mechanics Info related to small airways. 3 Easy Daily Calibration Less than 30sec. Fast & Easy Test in a few min. Compact & Portable Weighs only 700 g. Adult & Pediatric Normative values provided. Pre/Post testing Automated Workflows.

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tremoflo C-100 Brochure - English Edition - 3

Airwave Oscillometry Fundamentals tremoflo measurements are fast and easy. The patient just breathes quietly. The Importance of Small Airways The tremoflo C-100 provides information related to small airway function. “The small airways are frequently involved early in the course of [asthma and COPD] diseases, with significant pathology demonstrable often before the onset of symptoms or changes in spirometry and imaging.” To assess respiratory function, the tremoflo adds a gentle oscillatory wave to the patient’s regular, quiet breathing. A short measurement duration of only 20 seconds allows...

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Actual tremoflo Data A simple green-to-red gauge scale clearly shows whether patients fall within or outside normative values that are available for pediatrics and adults. Pre/Post Test Asthma Patient COPD Patient Expert Opinions Oscillometry offers “an in-office tool that can assess peripheral airway impairment even in young children and may detect airway obstruction earlier than spirometry.” Galant et al., AAAI 2017 “Monitoring small airway function by [Oscillometry] can be useful in identifying patients who are at risk for losing asthma control, and in assisting with clinical decisions...

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tremoflo C-100 Brochure - English Edition - 5

Airwave Oscillometry System (AOS) Measurement Principle Oscillometry (Forced Oscillation Technique, FOT) Oscillator Technology Breathe-through Vibrating Mesh (Patented) Measurement Modes Measurement Duration 20 sec (typ.), user adjustable 3 repetitions (as per guideline) Patient Interface Bacterial/viral filter with integrated mouthpiece Dimensions & Weight 19 x 13 x 14 cm, 0.7 kg (handheld only) 21 x 14 x 24 cm, 1.7 kg (handheld & cradle) Covered Markets Canada, United States, Israel EU (European Community), Australia/NZ More information at Usmani et al., RESPIRATORY...

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