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Whether you are a clinician looking for a versatile biofeedback tool or a Synchronize psychophysiology with video: Extend your toolbox for Session Reviewing and Reporting researcher who needs a powerful data-acquisition system, the BioGraph client assessment and training. BioGraph InfinitiTM software allows you to Powerful data-processing features: With its robust signal acquisition Infiniti platform is designed to offer you the most complete and adaptable record your client’s actions with a Web camera and synchronize the video capabilities, accurate artifact rejection functions and flexible statistical software solution. with the physiological signals. analysis engine, the BioGraph InfinitiTM software allows you to easily One of our top design goals was to make BioGraph InfinitiTM the normalize recorded data and generate reliable data. most powerful clinical tool possible. The program’s ability to record Extensive Database Options accurate data, to track a client’s learning curve both within and across • Client Database allows you to store as much or as little client information as required. recording sessions and to generate reliable reports are among its top View the video images, in real-time, with the recorded physiological signals. Biofeedback and Data Acquisition Review the data and slide the time-line, back and forth, along the physiological signal to see the corresponding video image(s). State-of-the-art multimedia biofeedback: With it’s audiovisual capa- statistical reports that break down the session’s data into meaningful segments and give you appropriate statistics for each segment. • Client Confidentiality function gives you the option to hide all sensitive client information from database screens, printed reports and exported data. • Inactivity Flag can warn you and your assistants if a client has not been in for a visit for too long, to help your client management work. bilities and exciting animations to deliver physiological feedback in many Specialized session reports: Scripted sessions generate sophisticated This ensures that you get only the most clinically significant information Manual or automatic artifact rejection allows you to rapidly clean session data for optimal statistical validity. without having to sort through irrelevant data. Trend reporting on client progress: BioGraph Infiniti’s powerful trend report capabilities allow you to follow a client’s progress from visit to visit, creative ways, the Infiniti Software ensures that you have a multitude of • Archive, Restore, Export and Import client functions allow you to manage the client database and share clients between clinics without deleting important client data. options to choose from when trying to reach a diverse client population. providing you with guidance regarding the next step to take. Trend reporting lets you easily demonstrate a client’s learning curve, both during a given script session and across script sessions, to enhance case Timesaving features allow flexible • Data Exporting functions extend your ability to analyze client training routines: The BioGraph physiology by making it available to other data-processing InfinitiTM software allows you to load up to 5 feedback screens during a session management and to facilitate reimbursement. applications. A powerful trend report generator gives you direct control over what gets printed. Demonstrating a learning curve has never been so easy. and switch between them, on the fly. Event-counters and discrete feedback options give reinforcing rewards when all conditions are met and held for a given period of time. This, and other timesaving features, lets you rapidly adapt the training task to your client’s needs. It provides an Load up to five screens and switch between them instantly for optimal training and reviewing capabilities. increasingly challenging and diversified The ability to re-compute all previously saved sessions with new analysis criteria allows you to perform “what if” evaluations of recorded sessions. Session and Trend reports are generated as word processing documents. You can edit and save the reports before they are printed. feedback environment, without having to stop, load a new screen and restart the session. EEG linegraph and 3D FFT allow you to analyze a specific temporal event. Some Application Suites include display screens designed for viewing on multiple monitors. This powerful shaping tool allows clinicians to modify the feedback conditions on the fly and teach clients to rapidly adapt to new conditions. Scripted sessions facilitate standardized assessments and Feedback capabilities include playing AVI movies, MIDI songs, MIDI tones, CD Music, MP3 and Wave files. Conduct the orchestra by individually controlling multiple instruments in a MIDI song. Selective inhibiting allows multiple animations to be controlled independently. Instantaneous feedback gives immediate indication of success. follow-ups: Time and event-based scripts let you run automatic sessions that guide clients through pre-defined sequences of activities and then A discreet reward puzzle. generate activity-specific statistics. These powerful scripts help you standardize assessment and follow-up sessions for optimal clinical Physiological biofeedback screens. Exciting games and animations

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Application Developer Tools The Application Developer Tools include three separate programs: the Channel Editor, the Screen Editor and the Script Editor. The three are required to build complete Application Suites. The Channel Editor allows you to build sophisticated data- Thought Technology’s BioGraph Infiniti TM software platform has been processing structures, which are composed of up-to 40 physical channels and up-to 255 virtual channels, for biofeedback or dataacquisition applications. The Channel Editor includes a large library carefully designed to meet your current and future needs...

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