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Easy analysis of peripheral physiological data The module also provides all the editing and statistical analysis functions you need for removing artifacts from other physiological measures such as respiration, skin conductance, temperature and electromyography (EMG). Contrary to the common belief, a healthy heart doesn’t beat regularly as a metronome. In fact, the heart’s moment by moment beating rate is naturally influenced by many physiological factors and varies constantly. One important factor defining a person’s level of health is the range defined by the minimum to maximum heart rate...

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Cardiopro infiniti Features • No exporting required: Cardiopro Infiniti installs over BioGraph Infiniti Version 5.1 (or later) and accesses BioGraph client files directly. • Works in conjunction with your existing feedback suites: The module can process open display and script sessions that were recorded with channel sets, screens or scripts from most suites, as long as they include EKG or BVP sensor data. • Works with exported IBI data from other software: The Cardiopro Infiniti module also performs basic editing functions on IBI data that was exported from other software packages as...

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