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U-Control® Home Trainer allows your clients to do pelvic floor biofeedback in the privacy of their own homes and is perfect for clients who want to accelerate their rehabilitation with additional training sessions or to periodically reinforce their successful clinical training at home. MyOnyx 4-Channel encoder is a complete solution for SEMG Biofeedback and Electrostimulation. Design and functionality combined in just the right proportions. MyOnyx 4-Channel Encoder • Rectal STIM Sensor Vaginal STIM Sensor U-Control Home Trainer Portable, Rechargeable, Wireless Electrostimulation - Fully...

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CLIENT BENEFITS Provide your clients with on-the-fly instruction with immediate real-time feedback. Help your clients gain muscle awareness from the first training session. As treatment progresses, you will be able to challenge them to reach deeper levels of muscle control. As an added benefit, you will receive objective and measureable training data. All of this means enhanced training sessions in your clinic and at home for your clients. AT THE END OF THE DAY It is about your clients learning to control their pelvic floor muscles, and enhancing their confidence that they won’t have an...

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