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MyoTrac3 - 1

Simple & Powerful Introducing the MyoTrac 3 Infiniti system - the most recent addition to our new Continence product line. Precise comfortable Vaginal and Rectal Sensors, detect SEMG along the length of the pelvic floor muscles and enable comfortable and secure seating of the sensor in walking standing and seated positions. MyoTrac 3 is a highly sensitive, low noise SEMG biofeed- back device which can monitor and provide high quality graphical biofeedback from two sites simultaneously, using our BioGraph Infiniti Continence Suite. Quickly get baseline data and run a series of evaluation and training trials. Then compare the session to prior sessions and save and/or print out the results.

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MyoTrac3 - 2

MyoTracS Infiniti System 2 sensitive channels of SEMG for compu- terized assessment and re-education of the pelvic floor muscles. Lightweight, portable, reliable and robust. Powerful data acquisition and training. MvoTrac 3 Hardware Specifications Size (approx.) Weight (approx.) Input Impedance Signal Input Range CMRR (Other) Channel Bandwidth, Wide Channel Bandwidth, Narrow Sample Rate/Channel Supply Voltage Current Consumption Battery Life (Alkaline) Digital Signal Processing Data Output Vaginal & Rectal Sensors BioGraph Infiniti Software with Continence Suite Easy to understand Tutorials...

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