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goniometer adapter, can be used to measure joint movement, including flexion/extension and lateral torsion. • Ergonomic sensors, like the bend sensor and the abdominal strap which measures the expansion and contraction of the rib cage at each breath. • Respiration is picked up from a chest or blood that is caused by each heartbeat from a finger tip, and provides HR and BVP. It is also a useful measure of stressed related vasoconstriction • Blood volume pulse (BVP) detects the rush of activity of the heart and is used to calculate heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) • Electrocardiography (EKG) detects the electrical • Surface electromyography (SEMG) is used for muscle rehabilitation, relaxation, sports medicine, training & peak performance. Cardiovascular & Respiratory systems temperature caused by increases or decreases in vascular flow in the frontal lobes. • Passive Infrared (pIR) picks up shifts in forehead Musculoskeletal system vasoconstriction in the peripheral circulation. As stress levels increase, hand temperature decreases. • Temperature measures changes in in brainwave activity related to shifting mental states. Monitor consciousness as it goes from attention and focus to relaxation and drowsiness. • Electroencephalography (EEG) detects changes • Skin Conductance measures changes in electrical conductivity in fingers or toes and is an important parameter of stress. Central nervous system Autonomic nervous system Get the full picture on your client’s physiology with a complete range of physiological sensors. Our compact and non-invasive sensors are precisely engineered to pick up the cleanest signals possible. A complete range of physiological sensors The Future of Psychophysiology and physiological

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The ability to save data to a Compact Flash memory card is crucial in extreme situations where a link to a computer is not possible. Compact Flash option Our battery operated encoders use sensor connectors with no exposed metal to eliminate the risk of accidental contact with electrical sources. The wired connection uses optic fibre to maximize electrical insulation between subject and computer. Designed with safety in mind Capture physiological data with optimal resolution and minimal data file size with a choice of either 256 or 2048 samples/second. Optimal sampling rates Clinicians with...

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