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“Reaction time training helped me to be consistent and first off the line in race after race at the Olympic Games!” Charles Hamelin 500m Gold Medalist – Short Track Speed Skating 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games Revolutionizing Continuous Performance Testing and Training Time-Locked EEG, HRV and Physiology data Real Sports Peak Performance EMG-triggered responses Unprecedented accuracy

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Performance Testing Thought Technology's Reaction Time Suite features ^^^^^ continuous performance testing (CPT) in parallel with EEG and peripheral physiology. Functionality ranges from very simple to highly advanced. • Includes single, variable and choice protocols ■ • Computes reaction time statistics with ■ • Data is time-locked to CPT events to allow comparisons of individual or group averaged EEG, HRV and physiology data between correct and incorrect responses • Provides trends of reaction time statistics in parallel with physiology • Includes training screens • Features integrated...

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Features Unprecedented accuracy with TT-AV Sync • Audio and visual stimuli timing measured with TT-AV Sync device for maximum accuracy • Software-based reaction time systems introduce random and hidden timing errors. Our system, based on TT-AV Sync hardware, guarantees 0.5 ms accuracy* • Use with push buttons, foot pedal and even raw EMG BioGraph Infiniti version 5.1 – primed for Reaction Time! • • • • • All protocol types available: single, variable, choice and custom sports protocols Right click options for quick selection of stimuli Integrated webcam with frame by frame review...

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