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MyoTrac3 Infiniti A Simple & Powerful Biofeedback Solution Muscle Re-education, Rehabilitation and Treatment of Incontinence MyoTrac 3TM Infiniti is a highly sensitive, affordable, and easy-to-use two channel SEMG PC-based biofeedback device. MyoTrac 3TM Infiniti is further enhanced by the powerful BioGraph Infiniti software and its SEMG Rehab Suite, which combines dynamic graphics with analysis and reporting functions, the result of 34 years of experience in Biofeedback. The software proposes various assessment and training protocols with very helpful guidelines for beginners, as well as experts.

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Simple to Use Easy to Understand 2 sensitive channels of SEMG for computerized muscle assessment and biofeedback re-education. • • • • Simple and easy to use Light weight, portable, reliable and robust Powerful data acquisition and training Affordable BioGraph Infiniti Software with Rehab Suite Surface Electrodes (A) Triode™ electrode, with standard 2cm spacing of silver-silver chloride electrodes. (B) UniGel electrodes, pre-gelled single electrodes for sensitive placements on dry skin. (C) Single strip electrodes, versatile electrodes can be used as strip or separated for wider placements....

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