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You can even combine a smartphone or tablet with the power of the eVu-TPS in your practice. The ultra-portable, wireless sensor, provides an ‘emotional view’ of your client’s stress and self-regulation – all from one fingertip. This makes it an ideal choice to loan or prescribe for home training. that empowers the clinic and home Help your clients Help themselves TM • Quantify Stress • Teach Relaxation • Enhance Resilience Small wireless sensor combined with powerful BioGraph Infiniti clinical & research-grade software

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Heart Rate Variability Skin Conductance That is why Thought Technology cares about stress. T The long-term effects of stress are not always immediately apparent, but they a can build-up insidiously to harm an c individual’s well-being. Anxiety, i depression, heart disease, weight gain, d disturbed sleep, concentration d issues, and decreased performance are is examples of its effects. When an e individual remains in a state of prolonged stress, their body’s resilience to such conditions weakens. Appropriate for stress management, performance enhancement, resilience training, and any condition...

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