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ProComp2, ProComp5, ProComp Infiniti or FlexComp Infiniti with BioGraph Infiniti 6.0 Z Score 6 (SA7962) Z Score add-on CD with Dr. Thatcher’s normative database (SA7908) 2 or 4 EEG-Z sensors (T9305Z) A 2-channel (T8760) or 4-channel (T8761) connectivity kit /thoughttec hnology Stability. BioGraph® Infiniti is the most reliable and accurate software in the biofeedback market. Never lose data again, with our exclusive datalock technology and pause on disconnect features. Flexibility. A simple right click allows you to change settings on the fly - such as bandwidths, sound feedback and animations. Observe changes in other physiology, using any of our other sensors by customizing your screens with our FREE Developer Tools. BioGraph® Infiniti Platform Please note that the 4 Channel Connectivty Kit can be used in conjunction with up to 4 EEG-Z sensors and 4 monopolar/bipolar kits (T8750). Each EEG-Z sensor includes one T8750 kit. The 4 Channel Connectivity Kit: • Our most flexible TT-EEG kit. Used in conjunction with four TT-EEG Monopolar/Bipolar Electrode kits • Connect 1, 2, 3, or 4 monopolar or bipolar channels, with the same reference for all channels. • Choose between linked ear or single ear reference, and between ear clip or cup electrode active ground. Enhance Your Z-Score Biofeedback

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Bright, colorful screens. Single and dual monitor displays, DVD, animations & sound feedback. • Powerful real-time trending of means, both in-session and post-session. • Seamless changes of graphical settings from built-in mean right on the screen. • Reviewing and reporting on screens that include efficient graphical representations of session trends. Who Knew Z-Score Biofeedback Could Be This Much Fun: screens, statistics, and review screens with our exclusive QuickStart one-button session control. 3. KEEP EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE. Store and Load your assessment screens, training your 2 and...

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