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THE HARMONY OF LIFE Civilisation progress and the quality of life improvement make us live longer. Despite the fact that we possess growing knowledge of how to keep our youth, the aging processes are still irreversible. Many people are afraid of the old age, illnesses and loneliness. We dream about growing old in an active manner. We want to be independent. WE LIVE LONGER… In accordance with the available data, it is expected that the number of people at the age of 60+ will increase by 1–1.5 million all over the world within the coming 20 years. Therefore, particular attention should be...

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Average lifespan SOON (in 10 years) 75 years 6575 Working people/ a 60+ person WE WANT TO GROW OLD IN AN ACTIVE MANNER AND... • • • • • Spend time outdoors. Visit family and friends. Go on holidays and trips. Develop our hobbies. Be independent. 30% of seniors have problems with everyday life activities, e.g. getting up, going to bed, dressing up, washing 40% of old people have problems to walk 500 m 50% of the elderly have problems to climb stairs independently 60% of seniors cannot carry their shopping bags The limitations deepen with age and the percentage of seniors over 75 having...

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CARE FOR YOUR FUTURE! Long life is good providing that we keep our health, fitness and independence. The awareness of healthy lifestyle has been systematically growing and is particularly promoted among today’s 40 and 50 year olds. Along with the growing number of seniors and healthy lifestyle awareness, the rehabilitation products and services for the elderly will evolve to meet their requirements. WHAT CAN WE DO ON A DAILY BASIS? • • • Help the elderly to believe in themselves. Ensure dignity and security of the seniors. Support ill people and those who care for them. WHAT DOES TIMAGO DO?...

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OUR PRODUCTS Properly designed rehabilitation and auxiliary equipment: • • • supports independent moving and performing daily activities, alleviates the stress resulting from insufficient independence, gives the feeling of larger freedom, satisfaction and independence. CHARACTERISTICS OF GOOD PRODUCTS MULTIFUNCTIONALITY Possibility to use the products in various everyday life situations. Easy adjustment to the individual needs of the user. Adjustment to the needs of the users and the environment. ATTRACTIVE FORM Breaking of the stereotype of medical products burdening the users with their...

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CONTACT DETAILS Timago International Group Karpacka 24/12, 43-316 Bielsko-Biała, Poland

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