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Bipolar Forceps & Accessories

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Bipolar Leaflet Final BIPOLAR CABLES Timesco Bipolar Cables are made from supple elastic silicon which will not crinkle or crack under normal use. Timesco Bipolar Cables are supplied with 2 universal "Banana Type" plugs for fitting to most popular electrosurgery machines. Each cable also has a tag to allow the user to easily record the number of uses, so that the cable may be replaced within its safe working life. Two types of cable are available both 3 metres in length: The European fitting “square end” and the USA fitting “round end”. (See forceps for these types illustrated on pages 2 and 3 of this publication.) Standard machine ends are supplied on both cables. Timesco Bipolar Forceps and Cables are fully steam autoclaveable. Ultrasonic cleaning with volatile vapourising solvents is not permissable. Care and maintenance instructions are available with each cable. 87.875.20 TIMESCO BIPOLAR CABLE 3 METRES USA SILICON 87.850.20 TIMESCO BIPOLAR CABLE 3 METRES EURO SILICON In this brochure only a selection of the popular Bipolar products are illustrated. Our range is very extensive and if the items required are not illustrated please request further details BIPOLAR FORCEPS AND ACCESSORIES For samples or further information on any product, please contact our sales team on (020) 7511 1234. Timesco of London, Timesco House, 1 Knights Road, London E16 2AT. Telephone: +44 (020) 7511 1234 Fax: +44 (020) 7511 7888 Email: E & O.E. Copyright October 2002. Ref B.S.001/1 ‘Timesco’ and ‘Instruments for Life’ are registered trademarks of Timesco of London. All rights reserved.

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Bipolar Leaflet Final BIPOLAR FORCEPS - EUROPEAN STYLE Timesco Bipolar forceps and accessories are precision made instruments which are specially coated with a non-cracking elastic insulation coating which is guaranteed to be 100% safe to use for the operator and the patient. We produce our forceps with the popular "European Fitting" for connecting to bipolar cables. Timesco Bipolar Forceps are made from durable stainless steels and industry standard insulation coatings. The forceps will perform equally well in wet or dry operative fields. The coating used on our forceps is double thickness...

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