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Surgical • Laryngoscopy • Footcare • Emergency • Diagnostic • Dental

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As one of the largest manufacturers of quality laryngoscope systems in the world we offer a wide selection of pre-congured sets. Sets are available in paediatric, adult and combination versions, in both reusable and single use variants. LARYNGOSCOPE SETS Fibre Optic sets are marked in green All reusable laryngoscope systems are covered by our unrivalled Lifetime Guarantee against faulty materials or manufacture. Consumable parts, such as bulbs and bre optic cores, are not covered by the lifetime guarantee as they will deteriorate over a period of time. Standard light sets are marked in...

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The Sirius laryngoscope system has been designed with an enclosed bre optic core. As the bre bundle is sealed within the blade there are no crevices to trap dirt or body uids, allowing the blade to be easily and simply decontaminated and cleaned without the need for any disassembly. Supplied with our powerful Sirius Xenon light handle to provide bright, white illumination. This is then directed upwards into the bre optic bundle in the blade. Handle Sirius Small Medium Standard Set 2955.975.80 Paediatric Set 2955.985.70 Combination Set 2955.989.95 Miller Mac Miller Mac Miller Mac Miller Mac...

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‘No touch’ system with an extended block lip Callisto blades are bre optic single use metal/plastic hybrid blades which are almost identical to reusable blades in feel and performance but at a low cost, disposable price. All blades are compatible with ISO tting bre optic handles and are supplied in peel pouches. The Callisto range of blades has an extended block lip that prevents the tip of the blade coming into contact with the barrel of the handle, preventing cross contamination. Our Callisto sets are available with either a reusable Optima XL handle or a single use Callisto S plastic...

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