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ChiroPro Elite Dom Bag The integral zipped compartment at the base of the case will house up to 6 blue instrument trays, thus allowing your sterilised instruments to be transported easily and without the fear of contamination from other items in the bag. Used or soiled instruments may be placed in the ‘twist off’ red pouch on the side of the bag. For convenient storage and easy access, there are various storage compartments for felts, foam, aerosol cans and other bulky items. There are also 3 clear removable zipped pouches for storing smaller items such as gloves, cotton wool, tubes, etc....

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Essential Podiatry Products - 3

CLINIC EQUIPMENT Berchtold Podo S44 Wetspray Drill A wet spray drill with all the features you need. These include: • 3 different spray patterns • Variable speed to 40,000 RPM • Easy access to reservoir with capacity of 450ml • Clear and accurate digital display • Size: (H) 70mm x (W) 290mm x (D) 240mm • Weight: 3kg • Guaranteed for 1 year PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION Berchtold Podo S44 Spray Drill Berchtold S35 Drill Designed with a handpiece that works in both directions, therefore it is suitable for left & right hand users. Features include: • Variable bur speed to 25,000 RPM • Autoclaveable...

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Essential Podiatry Products - 4

PLINTH CHAIRS Plinth Chair The basic chair has gas lift height adjustment, the back rest may be adjusted vertically and horizontally, and full manoeuvrability is provided by a 5 castor base. The deluxe model has larger upholstery on the back and the seat. It also has a tilt adjustment on the seat and the back. The base is slightly larger for added stability. • Guaranteed for 1 year • Fire retardant vinyl PRODUCT CODE Plinth Operators Chair, Gas Lift Plinth Operators Chair, Deluxe (Not shown) Chiropody Couches Plinth couches are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, they are ideal...

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Essential Podiatry Products - 5

PLINTH COUCHES Chiropody Couches Plinth couches are manufactured in the UK to the highest standards, they are ideal in multi disciplinary situations and biomechanical examinations. Features include: • Divided leg support • 14 day delivery time • Able to lift up to 160kg from the lowest height • Choice of 2 different coverings • Cordless infrared hand switch • Retractable wheel system that allows easy movement of the chair in any direction • Towel roll holder available on request at an additional cost • Size: (L) 185cm (W) 65cm (H) 46 - 95cm approx. We offer 2 types of ambla vinyl material,...

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Multi Dopplex II • Allows for high level vascular assessment • Ideal for the detection of peripheral arterial disease • The Dopplex Printa provides single waveform recordings • Provides bi-directional blood flow information and documentation • Integral battery management • Enhanced audio output • 3 year warranty Prices include probe PRODUCT CODE TDM-HT-MD2 Huntleigh Multi Dopplex II £621.92 TDM-HT-MD2/8W Huntleigh Multi Dopplex II with £658.32 Widebeam Easy 8 Probe £474.24 TDM-HT-PRINTA Huntleigh Printer for MD2/FD2 Please specify preferred probe when ordering Mini Dopplex III • A low cost...

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Ultra-Tec Vascutrack 120 8mhz Doppler • Small, lightweight and contains a high sensitivity doppler probe • Ideal for use by a General Practitioner, Podiatrists, Chiropodists or Vascular Specialists for pressure index or routine vascular detection • Audio vascular flow signals are provided via the built in loud speaker or optional headset • Output level is controlled by rotary volume control • Vascular signals are easily located using the lightweight narrow beam transducer while internal signal processing minimises the noise artefacts • The unit is powered by a standard 9V battery, providing...

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Essential Podiatry Products - 8

DIABETIC PRODUCTS Monofilaments Monofilaments are the ideal tool for screening for neuropathy in diabetic patients. Supplied individually in a plastic case. PRODUCT CODE Monofilament 1 Gramme Monofilament 10 Gramme Monofilament 75 Gramme Tuning Fork This tuning fork is ideal for sensory testing. Assesses your patients ability to feel vibration perception through the distal aspects of the body. It is made from stainless steel and is autoclaveable. PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION Gardiner Brown Tuning Fork 128Hz £28.35 Sphygmomanometer The Topaz multi-cuff sphygmomanometer has combined bellows and...

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