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General Medical Essentials

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G eneral M edical E ssentials Primary Care

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Introduction General medical essentials Welcome to the latest edition of our General Medical Essentials catalogue. By working with, and listening to our customers we believe this catalogue offers a complete and focused range of products aimed at the medical professional. We have introduced a number of new products, in particular our range of thermometers, including digital, tympanic and infra-red models. We are also very pleased to include our new range of anaesthetic and resuscitation consumables, including bags, valve, masks (BVM’s), pocket masks and reusable and single-use face masks....

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Contents By Product Name Resus Bags - Single patient use Optima Mini Pocket Diagnostic Set See page 26 for more details. See page 17 for more details. Single-Use Air Cushion Face masks Deluxe Cardiology nasopharyngeal airways See page 28 for more details. See page 10 for more details. See page 29 for more details. Non -Contact Thermometer See page 13 for more details. Percussor Hammers See page 15 for more details. See page 12 for more details. General MEdical

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Emerald Aneroid Sphygmo Separate bellows & gauge The Emerald aneroid sphygmomanometer has separate bellows and gauge tubes, allowing the gauge to be clipped onto the cuff whilst in use. • Supplied with black nylon calibrated cuff and black zip up pouch. D05.105 Emerald Aneroid Sphygmo PINK Sapphire Aneroid Sphygmo One hand operation The Sapphire aneroid sphygmomanometer has combined bellows and gauge which allows easy single handed use. • Supplied with nylon calibrated cuff and zip up pouch. D05.110P Sapphire Aneroid Sphygmo Pink BLACK Sapphire Aneroid Sphygmo One hand operation The...

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Topaz Aneroid Sphygmo with trigger release control The Topaz aneroid sphygmomanometer has combined bellows & gauge and also benefits from a trigger control for finger tip pressure release. The Topaz also has a rotating dial, which allows the unit to be used comfortably by both left and right handed users. • Supplied with black nylon calibrated cuff and black zip up pouch. D05.115 Topaz Aneroid Sphygmo Multi-Cuff Topaz Aneroid Sphygmo Adult, Large Adult & Child Cuffs The Topaz multi-cuff sphygmomanometer has combined bellows and gauge which allows for easy single handed use. Other features...

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fully Automatic Digital Sphygmo Large LCD display Fuzzy logic One touch operation Fully automatic Auto shut off European Society of Hypertension certified 2 year guarantee D05.205 LD578 fully Automatic Digital Sphygmo £29.95 D05.210 LD326 Semi Automatic Digital Sphygmo Auto Digital wrist Sphygmo with fuzzy logic • • • • • • Large LCD display Fuzzy logic Integrated cuff Fully automatic 30 x memory European Society of Hypertension certified • 2 year guarantee D05.215 LD8 Digital Wrist Sphygmo Panasonic EW3006 Digital Wrist Sphygmo Fully automatic A fully automatic wrist blood pressure unit...

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Panasonic EW3106 Digital Sphygmo With large display and buttons A fully automatic blood pressure monitor featuring a large display indicating blood pressure and pulse. The large display and large buttons allow for ease of reading and simple operation. The EW3106 has been clinically tested for measuring accuracy and has a capacity to hold 42 memory measurements. The unit comes complete with a standard adult cuff (size: 20-34cm) and a large adult cuff is available as an optional extra (35-44cm). D05.250 Panasonic EW3106 Digital Sphygmo Omron Mx3 plus Auto Digital Sphygmo Fast & Reliable The...

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Pinard Stethoscopes Popular Choice for midwifes Pinard stethoscopes are a popular choice for midwives for listening to foetal heart sounds. • Available in plastic, aluminium and wood. 03.350.10 Black Plastic 03.350.15 Red Plastic 03.350.20 Pink Plastic Ruby Single Head Stethoscope Ideal for use with a sphygmo cuff The Ruby stethoscopes provide quality at an affordable price. The single head models have a diaphragm only on the chestpiece, ideal for use with a sphygmomanometer cuff. TD1-13-101 TD1-13-104 TD1-13-105 TD1-13-107 Blue green red black Ruby dual Head Stethoscope with combined bell...

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Dual Head Teaching Stethoscope Simultaneous Sound This high quality teaching stethoscope comes with dual binaurals allowing both teacher and student to hear the same sounds at the same time; an invaluable teaching aid. • Supplied with black single tube TD1-13-217 black Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope Twin Tube The twin tube stethoscope has a traditional design with two tubes connecting the chestpiece to the headframe. This provides better acoustics to each ear. This model is also supplied with a pack of interchangeable chestpieces for adult and paediatric use. Sometimes referred to as a...

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Diamond Paediatric stethoscopes for excellent acoustics The Timesco Diamond stethoscopes are made to the highest specification with internal binaural springs and a quality chestpiece with a floating diaphragm for excellent acoustics. Both the diaphragm and the bell have plastic non-chill sleeves for patient comfort. Supplied with: • Black tubing • Soft sealing ear tips • Foam lined box • 3 year guarantee TD1-13-717 paediatric TD1-13-727 infant TD1-13-737 neonatal Deluxe Cardiology Stethoscope Outstanding Acoustics The deluxe pofessional cardiology stethoscope features an ergonomic and...

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pink Diagnostic products & sets For those that like to accessorise their kit D05.905 Complete Midwifery Pink Set Our pink midwifery set includes: stethoscope, sphygmo, pinard, tourniquet, fob watch, pen torch, face shield, dressing scissors, artery forceps, hand sanitiser & utility scissors. D05.910 Complete Nurses Pink Set Our pink nurses set includes: stethoscope, sphygmo, tourniquet, face shield, dressing scissors, artery forceps, fob watch, utility scissors, hand sanitiser & pen torch. td1-13-209 Dual Head Stethoscope d05.110p Sapphire Aneroid Sphygmo. This stethoscope is a high quality...

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Plastic Reusable Pen torch Ideal for General Diagnostic Use Our reusable pen torch is the ideal tool for general diagnostic use. Each pen torch is supplied complete with AAA batteries in blister pack. D85.005 D85.010 D85.015 D85.020 D85.025 Blue Green Red White Pink DISPOSABLE Pen torch WITH PUPIL GAUGE The disposable diagnostic pen torch features a pupil gauge and an integrated pocket clip when pressed against the barrel illuminates the torch. The batteries are not changeable. Supplied in packs of six. D85.100 DISPOSABLE Pen Light WITH PUPIL GAUGE (Pack of 6) TourniClip Tourniquet quick...

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