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The Timesco General Medical catalogue contains all of our latest and essential general medical products; providing a complete and focused range for medical professionals in all areas of primary patient care. We have introduced several new products into this edition, including nebulisers, fob watches and single use tourniquets. We have also expanded many of our existing product categories to offer a wider and more comprehensive product range. All of our products are manufactured to internationally recognised quality standards to ensure reliability conformity and customer satisfaction. At...

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General Medicine - 3

PINK PRODUCTS D05.905 COMPLETE MIDWIFERY PINK SET Our pink midwifery set includes: stethoscope, sphygmo, pinard, tourniquet, fob watch, pen torch, face shield, dressing scissors, artery forceps, hand sanitiser & utility scissors. £44.95 D05.910 COMPLETE NURSES PINK SET Our pink nurses set includes: stethoscope, sphygmo, tourniquet, fob watch, pen torch, face shield, dressing scissors, artery forceps, hand sanitiser & utility scissors. £40.45 TDM-PM-055 FACE SHIELD IN KEY RING POUCH This is a high quality stainless steel dual head stethoscope, at an affordable price. Supplied with pink...

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General Medicine - 4

RUBY SINGLE HEAD STETHOSCOPE The Ruby stethoscopes provide quality at an affordable price. The single head models have a diaphragm only on the chestpiece, ideal for use with a sphygmomanometer cuff. TD1-13-101 TD1-13-104 TD1-13-105 TD1-13-107 BLUE | FFE665 GREEN | FFE666 RED | FFE667 BLACK | FFE892 RUBY DUAL HEAD STETHOSCOPE The dual head model has both bell and diaphragm faces on the chestpiece and provides excellent sound transmission with lightweight construction. TD1-13-201 TD1-13-204 TD1-13-205 TD1-13-207 TD1-13-208 TD1-13-209 BLUE | FFE668 GREEN | FFE669 RED | FFE893 BLACK | FFE670...

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General Medicine - 5

STETHOSCOPES TWIN TUBE (SPRAGUE RAPPAPORT) STETHOSCOPE The twin tube stethoscope, sometimes referred to as “Sprague Rappaport” has a traditional design with two tubes connecting the chestpiece to the head frame. This provides better acoustics to each ear. This model is also supplied with a pack of interchangeable chestpieces for adult and paediatric use. TD1-13-302 TD1-13-304 TD1-13-305 TD1-13-306 TD1-13-307 TD1-13-308 TD1-13-309 BLUE | FFE674 GREEN | FFE675 RED | FFE676 ORANGE | FFE677 BLACK | FFE180 PURPLE | FFE678 PINK | FFE679 ADULT DIAMOND STETHOSCOPE The Diamond stethoscopes are made...

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General Medicine - 6

STETHOSCOPES INFANT & PAEDIATRIC DIAMOND STETHOSCOPES The Diamond stethoscopes are made to the highest specification with internal binaural springs and a quality paediatric (37mm diameter) and infant (30mm diameter) chestpiece with a floating diaphragm for excellent acoustics. The diaphragm and the bell have plastic non-chill sleeves for patient comfort. Supplied with: • Spare diaphragm • Spare ear tips (screw) • Foam lined box T D 1 - 1 3 - 7 1 7 PAEDIATRIC | FFE123 TD1-13-727 INFANT | FFE680 Paediatric 37mm Diameter CARDIOLOGY DIAMOND STETHOSCOPE The Cardiology Diamond stethoscope...

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General Medicine - 7

STETHOSCOPES LITTMANN CLASSIC II STETHOSCOPE The Littmann Classic II is the ‘industry standard’ stethoscope. The patented tunable diaphragm allows both low and high frequency sounds to be heard with either side of the chestpiece. • Black tubing • Spare ear tips (screw) & diaphragm • Foam lined box TSL-2201 ADULT PINARD STETHOSCOPE Pinard stethoscopes are a popular choice for midwives for listening to foetal heart sounds. 03.350.10 BLACK PLASTIC | FFE682 03.350.15 RED PLASTIC | FFE683 03.350.20 PINK PLASTIC | FFE684 SPHYGMOMANOMETER & STETHOSCOPE SETS EMERALD SPHYGMOMANOMETER & SPRAGUE...

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General Medicine - 8

SPHYGMOMANOMETERS EMERALD ANEROID SPHYGMOMANOMETER The Emerald aneroid sphygmomanometer has separate bellows and gauge tubes for two handed operation. To free up one hand the Emerald features a spring loaded catch which is mounted to the rear of the dial, allowing it to be attached to the cuff or any other convenient position. The Emerald has a 48mm dial ensuring easy reading of pressure values and is supplied with a standard adult black nylon calibrated cuff and zip up pouch for handy storage. D05.105 BLACK | FFE183 SAPPHIRE ANEROID SPHYGMOMANOMETER The Sapphire aneroid sphygmomanometer...

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General Medicine - 9

TOPAZ DELUXE ANEROID SPHYGMOMANOMETER The Topaz deluxe model has all of the same features as the Topaz Aneroid Sphygmomanometer, but comes with a robust metal gauge casing. The Topaz deluxe features a durable extra large dial measuring 58mm to ensure easy reading of pressure values and is supplied with a standard adult black nylon calibrated cuff and zip up pouch for handy storage. D05.120 DELUXE | FFE522 CORAL SHOCK PROOF SPHYGMOMANOMETER The Coral sphygmomanometer features an easy to read large dial, which is cased within a rubberised shock proof ring. The extremely durable Coral...

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General Medicine - 10

SPHYGMOMANOMETERS JADE DESK/WALL SPHYGMOMANOMETER The Jade desk aneroid sphygmomanometer has a 6” square dial designed to give a large visual display for both user and patient. An adjustable stand allows it to be used on a desk or mounted onto a wall using the brackets supplied. The cuff and tubing stores neatly and conveniently behind the dial. OPAL BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR (FLOOR MODEL) The Opal standing/floor sphygmomanometer features a large 147mm circular dial for easy measurement reading, and has a basket attached to the back of the dial for convenient storage of cuffs and inflation...

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General Medicine - 11

BLOOD PRESSURE MONITORS 2 YEAR FULLY AUTOMATIC DIGITAL BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR The LD578 is a fully automatic blood pressure monitor, ideal for hospital, surgery or home use. It is an easy to use, one button operated unit, which also offers an impressive memory capacity of 90 readings. • Large LCD display • Fuzzy logic • Fully automatic • Auto shut off • European Society of Hypertension certified • Memory capacity 90 readings D05.205 FULLY AUTOMATIC | FFE273 D05.206 LARGE ADULT CUFF FOR BP MONITOR | FFE526 D05.207 STANDARD ADULT CUFF FOR BP MONITOR | FFE525 £6.50 FULLY AUTOMATIC DELUXE...

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