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ION-AIR Anaesthetic & Resuscitation Consumables Brochure

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TIMESCO'S GUIDE TO ELIMINATE THE RISK OF CROSS INFECTION FROM LARYNGOSCOPE HANDLES AND BLADES When was the last time you autoclaved a laryngoscope handle? Can you guarantee your handles can We understand the importance and risk Source: Infection Control in Anaesthesia (2nd Edition) 2008. TIMESCO - THE UK'S NO.l QUALITY LARYNGOSCOPE MANUFACTURER Call: 01268 297 710 Email: or Visit:

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Medical Device Alert Reusable laryngoscope handles The MHRA has received a coroner's report of an inquest which found that a patient death was caused by a failure to decontaminate a laryngoscope handle appropriately between each patient use. This led to cross infection and subsequently septicaemia. Review, and if necessary update, local procedures to ensure that reusable decontaminated appropriately between each patient use, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Healthcare professionals using these devices and staff responsible for reprocessing medical Anaesthetists of Great...

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This MDA has been sent to: • NHS trusts in England (Chief Executives) • Care Quality Commission (CQC) (Headquarters) for information • HSC trusts in Northern Ireland (Chief Executives) • NHS boards in Scotland (Equipment Co-ordinators) • Local authorities in Scotland (Equipment Co-ordinators) • NHS boards and trusts in Wales (Chief Executives) • Primary care trusts in England (Chief Executives) Onward distribution Please bring this notice to the attention of relevant employees in your establishment. Below is a suggested CAS and SABS (Nl) liaison officers for onward distribution to all...

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR RE-PROCESSING TIMESCO REUSABLE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS, LARYNGOSCOPES & PODIATRY INSTRUMENTS Manufacturer: TIMESCO OF LONDON. Reference I.C.001/1 Dated 1/10/2011 Device(s): The follow Ing Instructions are for all Timesco reusable surgical Instruments, laryngoscopes and podiatry Instruments manufactured by Timesco of London, unless stated otherw Ise w Ith the packaging of the product. Additional instructions applicable to specific devices may be necessary and these are documented overleaf. All reusable devices are suppliednon sterile and should be cleaned and sterilised before...

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PRODUCT SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS FOR RE-PROCESSING TIMESCO REUSABLE DEVICES. Additional instructions specific to certain devices maybe necessary and these are documented be low. Please note these instructions are in addition to the instructions listed overleaf. REUSABLE ELECTROSURGERY INSTRUMENTS The coating on Timesco Bipolar and monopolar forceps and cables is degraded by repeated autoclaving cycles. These devices are guaranteed to a minimum of 40 autoclave cycles. o cracked, broken or distorted plastic parts, o Broken or bent connector pins o Cuts, punctures, nicks, abrasions, unusual bumps...

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TIMESCO Reusable Fibre-Optic Laryngoscope A laryngoscope is used to examine and visualise a patient's upper airway and aid placement of a tracheal tube during intubations. This product must only be used by a qualified physician. (N.B. USA and Canadian Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the • Timesco blades and handles conform to ISO 7376 standard fitting. • Use only with handle or blade that conform to ISO • Supplied non-sterile. Pre-use Checks - before use on a patient • Visually inspect the product for any sharp edges, burrs • Depress the bulb collar on the handle to...

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@I ( +6 + 95 OO O 8 * 6 ( )- ) )06 7O O 8 TVWY Z ]^Z ]aTVWY bZXdefg^ijglfg^ij ZW m XjZdnXopqrest U XZ \Z_ ^ ` U XZ cW hUg khd hUg fjXd gU ^ XW p _ _ Tvrrw qz |z ~~qx vrrw qz |z ~|xq n XjX U XZYV u xy { } u xy { } ugW` YaZ VW

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Owlerton Green, Sheffield S6 2BJ Cleaning Trials to ABHI Surgical Instruments Template for Class I Medical Devices Timesco House, 3 Carnival Park, Carnival Close, Basildon, Reusable Class I Instruments SCOPE The objective of this project was to prove that Timesco of London Ltd. Class I re-usable instruments could be successfully re- processed. The validation was carried out using the methods described in the ABHI document "SI SIS 0034 - Report on the Validation of a Reprocessing Instructions Template for Generic Class I Medical Devices". SUMMARY The automatic washer / disinfector stage of...

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Owlerton Green, Sheffield S6 2BJ SECTION 3. CSSD CYCLE METHODOLOGY Twenty instruments representing 10 different product families were coated with Brownes Artificial Test Soil. This substance simulates organic material. The test soil was spiked with a solution containing a known amount of micro-organisms, yielding Test organisms used: Bacillus subtillis (ATCC 6633) Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538) Candida albicans (ATCC 10231) The devices were left to dry for approximately 14 days. All devices were taken to the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD). The devices were passed through a...

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Owlerton Green, Sheffield S6 2BJ Equipment / Media Used All equipment used was within calibration. Records held by Swann Morton (Microbiological Laboratory Services) Ltd. Class 2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet All media / diluent used were subject to media sterility and growth promotion tests in accordance with Swann Morton (Microbiological Laboratory Services) Ltd INS 8.2. Records held by Swann Morton (Microbiological Laboratory Services) Ltd. Media Used Tryptone Soya Agar (Oxoid CM 131) Product Tested Reusable Class I Instruments Study I: - 10 (9 x automatic wash/disinfect, I x Positive...

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Owlerton Green, Sheffield S6 2BJ Test Method Tests were undertaken in a Laminar Air Flow cabinet, using aseptic technique. Samples were manually agitated in lOOmls of sterile Ringer solution for a period of I The resultant eluant was filtered through a membrane filter with a nominal pore size of 0.45 micron. The filter was placed on the surface of a pre-set agar plate containing Tryptone soya agar. For the positive control, a serial dilution was performed using the eluant. I ml of a 10"' dilution of the eluant was added to a Tryptone soya agar pour plate. All plates were incubated at 30 °C...

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