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Plaster Instruments

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Plaster Leaflet Final S C I S S O R S , P L A S T E R S AW S & K N I V E S We have also introduced a special selection of instruments with Tungsten Carbide jaws. Due to their incredibly hard properties, Tungsten Carbide jaws will not wear down or blunt as quickly as normal steel jaws, even during repeated use. Tungsten Carbide jaws also benefit from being very sharp without becoming too brittle. We have also added a serrated edge to a selection of our Tungsten Carbide instruments to prevent slippage, especially useful when cutting synthetic materials. 43.025.50 TIMESCO BANDAGE SCISSORS 7” (17.5CMS) WITH EXCENTRIC JOINT, ONE SERRATED BLADE 12.485.15 LISTER BANDAGE SCISSORS 7.5” (18.75CMS) WITH PROBE POINT 12.955.20 LISTER BANDAGE SCISSORS 7” (17.5CMS) WITH TUNGSTEN CARBIDE JAWS Our new Universal Cutter with Tungsten Carbide Jaws also has a specially serrated blade to prevent slippage and aid the cutting of synthetic materials. 12.993.10 TIMESCO UNIVERSAL SCISSORS 5” (12.5CMS) WITH TUNGSTEN CARBIDE JAWS AND UPPER SERRATED JAW FOR SYNTHETIC MATERIALS 43.110.10 ENGEL PLASTER SAW 6” (15CMS) 12.695.25 UNIVERSAL SCISSORS 4.75” (11.75CMS) WITH SERRATED BLADE 43.110.20 SPARE BLADE ONLY FOR ENGEL SAW 43.040.25 ESMARCH PLASTER KNIFE 7” (18CMS) For samples or further information on any product, please contact our sales team on (020) 7511 1234. Timesco of London, Timesco House, 1 Knights Road, London E16 2AT. Telephone: +44 (020) 7511 1234 Fax: +44 (020) 7511 7888 Email: E & O.E. Copyright October 2002. Ref B.S.002/1 ‘Timesco’ and ‘Instruments for Life’ are registered trademarks of Timesco of London. All rights reserved. PLASTER INSTRUMENTS

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Plaster Leaflet Final PLASTER SHEARS PLASTER SHEARS, SPREADERS We produce one of the finest ranges of quality surgical instruments in the World. Our extensive Plaster Instruments range is no exception. Each item is made to offer the user an instrument which has been developed to provide the highest level of performance and durability. The nature of Plaster Instruments requires them to be robust enough to withstand repeated heavy use. As with all Timesco reusable instruments, our Plaster Instruments are manufactured form the highest quality surgical stainless steel, are fully autoclaveable,...

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