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Primary Care

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PRIMARY CARE Medical Equipment for the Emergency Services General Practitioners, Midwives and Private Surgery

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TIMESCO - Primary Care TIMESCO are pleased to welcome you to their first Primary Care Catalogue, a multi dimensional tool aimed at assisting all levels of Primary Care, Hospital, Pre-Hospital and Midwifery. A 48 page guide dedicated to the essential items of care within each range. We feel that by offering you a small focused guide to only the best quality of products and brands* that you can trust, we will make obtaining everyday items easy. About TIMESCO For over 40 years we have been servicing medical professionals with the highest quality, innovative products for surgery, anaesthesia,...

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Accident Report Book ^3 Breast Examination Model 44 COPD Screening Device 12 Couch Roll Dispenser 39 Endo-Tracheal Tube Holder 23 IUCD Hook Testes Examination Model ^ Ultra Sonic Cleaner 3^ or call 01268 297 700 All prices exclude VAT & delivery E.O.E

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RUBY SINGLE HEAD STETHOSCOPES Our Ruby stethoscopes provide quality at an affordable price. The single head models have a diaphragm only on the chestpiece, ideal for use with TDM 3-1 01 Ruby Single Head Stethoscope (Blue) £2.95 TD1 -1 3-1 04 Ruby Single Head Stethoscope (Green) £2.95 TD1-13-105 Ruby Single Head Stethoscope (Red) £2.95 TD1-13-107 Ruby Single Head Stethoscope (Black) £2.95 TWIN TUBE (SPRAGUE RAPPAPORT) STETHOSCOPES The Timesco twin tube stethoscope has a traditional design with two tubes connecting the chestpiece to the headframe. This allows better acoustics to each ear....

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TIMESCO DIAMOND STETHOSCOPES The Timesco Diamond stethoscopes are made to the highest specification with internal binaural springs and a quality chestpiece with a floating diaphragm for excellent acoustics. Both the diaphragm and the bell have plastic non chill sleeves for patient comfort. All models are supplied with black tubing, soft sealing eartips, complete in a foam lined box. or call 01268 297 700 All prices exclude VAT & delivery E.O.E

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EMERALD ANEROID SPHYGMO The Emerald aneroid sphygmomanometer has separate bellows and gauge tubes, allowing the gauge to be clipped onto the cuff whilst in use. Supplied with black nylon calibrated cuff and black zip PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION D05.105 Emerald Aneroid Sphygmo. £14.95 TOPAZ ANEROID SPHYGMO The Topaz aneroid sphygmomanometer has combined bellows/gauge and also benefits from a larger dial and a trigger control for finger tip pressure release. The Topaz also has a rotating dial, which allows the unit to be used comfortably by both left and right handed users. Supplied with black...

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OMRON SPARE CUFFS The correct cuff fit is essential for accurate measurement. Omron offer optional paediatric, standard and large adult cuffs. The paediatric cuff is suitable for an arm circumference of 1 7-22cm, the standard cuff for an arm circumference of 22-32cm and the large cuff for an arm circumference of OMRON RX3 PLUS WRIST DIGITAL SPHYGMO This fully automatic monitor is a one button operating device with a memory capacity of 21 measurements. The Omron RX3 is a high quality and economical wrist blood pressure monitor, developed for the self conscious patient who demands easy use,...

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Our new refillable pen lights are the ideal tool for general diagnostic use. Each pen light is supplied complete with batteries.

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!68 297 700 All prices exclude VAT & delivery E.O.E

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KEELER DIAGNOSTIC Keeler standard otoscope and ophthalmoscope heads supplied with metal handle (rheostat brightness control). PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION ^^^^^^^^ ■'RICE 1126-P-1001 Keeler Vista Standard £195.00 ORION STANDARD OPHTHALMOSCOPE KEELER DIAGNOSTIC I 702-P-l 037 Keeler Vista Pocket Set 2.8V ORION STANDARD OTOSCOPE PRODUCT CODE DESCRIPTION 2500.1 00.50 Orion Standard Otoscope - ORION STANDARD DIAGNOSTIC SET - The standard diagnostic handle is made from a durable, lightweight, electroplated metal and contain real working rheostats, not simple on/ Superb illumination is obtained from...

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VITALOGRAPH COPD SCREENING DEVICE Allows subject to enter their personal best Quality of blow indicator Electronic Peak Flow & FEV1 Meter Measures and displays FEV1 and % of predicted value Measures and displays FEV6 and % of predicted value Measures and displays FEV1/FEV6 ratio and % of predicted value Shows obstructive index Indicates COPD classification COPD Screening Device VITALOGRAPH MICRO SPIROMETER The Vitalograph micro provides precise technology for total confidence in rapid spirometry movements as part of the routine physical examination. The micro now comes with the 'Vitalograph...

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High sensitivity audio only doppler Unit is totally interchangeable and can be used with any of the high sensitivity probes available When combined with the NEW WIDEBEAM EASY 8 probe it is ideal for ABPI measurements by community nurses and doctors. - ULTRA-TEC PD1CV HIGH SENSITIVITY DOPPLER - A small, lightweight, high sensitivity pocket doppler with fixed vascular probes. Ideal for pressure index or routine vascular detection. The 8 MHz vascular probe provides an ideal tool for use by a General Practitioner for routine vascular investigation, in ER for vessel location or for monitoring...

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The Ultra-Tec PD1 is a lightweight, high sensitivity pocket doppler. Its 2MHz foetal doppler probe is ideal for use by general practitioners or midwives for routine antenata foetal detection. Foetal signals are easily located using the lightweight narrow beam transducer while internal signal processing ■ minimises the noise artefacts. Audio foetal heart signals can be heard via the built-in loudspeaker. The unit is powered by a 9v battery, which provides over 9 hours of use. Covered by a 3 year warranty. The Ultra-Tec PD1 + extends the features of the PD1 while still providing a small...

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SECA 835 BABY & TODDLER SCALES This combined baby and toddler scales with detachable baby tray is especially useful in the community and in hospital environments. Features of the baby and toddler scales include a recall of weight option and a digital display. The Battery power supply. Seca 835-2 Baby & Toddler Scales Seca Carry Case for 835 Scales SECA 336 DIGITAL BABY SCALES This sleek styled lightweight portable baby scales is ideal for community use. It weighs only 3.5kg and has a large tray and built in carry handle. It is also suitable for clinic use where speed and The 336 has a...

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