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RIGID MEDICAL Our new range of medical endoscopes provides the highest quality optics with ultra high durability and performance to provide the finest instruments available for minimal invasive surgery and diagnosis. Our endoscopes are made from medical grade stainless steels for optimum corrosion protection. All connections are laser welded or soldered providing excellent durability to autoclaving. Our endoscopes will even withstand the French cycle of 18 mins at 134Deg C and 2.3 bar. We offer an exceptional choice of : Laparoscopes Operating Laparoscopes Hysteroscopes Cystoscopes...

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A RT H R O S C O P E S We offer 2.7mm and 4mm diameter Arthroscopes. These have a wide-angle lens system which creates an increased field of view. The expanded view can help to shorten examination and operation times. We also offer 1.9mm and 2.7mm diameter arthroscopes with shorter working lengths for small joint arthroscopy. • Working lengths of 60mm, 140mm, 185mm and 195mm • Viewing angles of 0 degree, 30 degree and 70 degree • Selection of trocars and trocar sheaths with stopcocks A selection of sheaths and obturators is also available. SINUSCOPES With the exception of the 1.9mm diameter...

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FIBRE OPTIC CABLES Our fibre optic cables deliver bright, powerful illumination for use with any quality endoscopes and light sources. The fibre bundle in each cable is densely packed and highly polished for maximum light transmission. The fibres are protected by a thick silicone tubing which is fully autoclaveable and extremely durable, yet very flexible. The connector ends are made from surgical grade stainless steel for maximum resistance to corrosion. The fibre bundle is densely packed and highly polished for maximum illumination. • 1.8m and 2.4m lengths • 3.5mm and 4.8mm bundle...

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