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Tear Set Instruments

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F O U RT H D E G R E E T E A R S E T I N S T RU M E N T S Our Obstetric and Gynaecology Instruments are vital to our extensive range of theatre surgical Instruments. With the kind support and guidance of the Urogynae team at St. Peter's Hospital in Chertsey, we have produced this brochure as a guide for instruments used in this vital procedure. Each instrument has been carefully selected to compile the set listed on the back page. 14.070.10 CRILE ARTERY FORCEPS 5.5” (14CM) 16.600.20 ALLIS TISSUE FORCEPS 3X4 TEETH 6” (15.25CM) Our Officers Forceps have small 3x4 teeth which provide secure...

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We recommend the use of a blunt jawed Weislander Retractor to minimise tissue trauma to the labia. 15.675.15 WEISLANDER SELF RETAINING RETRACTOR 3X4 PRONGS BLUNT 5.5” (14CM) 13.325.10 OFFICER DISSECTING FORCEPS 4X5 TEETH SERRATED 6” (15.25CM) 57.575.30 SIMS VAGINAL SPECULUM LARGE DOUBLE ENDED 57.575.40 SIMS VAGINAL SPECULUM MEDIUM DOUBLE ENDED

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SECOND DEGREE TEAR THIRD DEGREE TEAR FOURTH DEGREE TEAR Injury to the perineam involving perineal muscles but not involving the anal sphincter. Injury to the perineam involving the anal sphincter complex. Injury to the perineam involving the anal sphincter complex WEISLANDER SELF RETAINING RETRACTOR 3X4 CRILE MURRAY NEEDLE HOLDER MAYO SCISSORS STRAIGHT IIMS VAGINAL SPECULUM MEDIUM RAMPLEY SPONGE HOLDING FORCEPS ALLIS TISSUE FORCEPS SIMS VAGINAL SPECULUM LARGE LANDON VAGINAL RETRACTOR 8" MCINDOE SCISSORS CURVED 7" CRILE ARTERY FORCEPS 5.5' NB. We do not supply consumables (such as gauze,...

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