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REJUVENATE YOUR INSTRUMENTATION Restore the life of your instrumentation while maintaining a safe and healthy environment for your patients. Specially formulated Enzymatic cleaner has a fast action neutral pH formulation that effectively attacks and eliminates all organic matter. Revitalizes and prolongs the life of all hinged and non hinged instrumentation due to its built in lubricant and anti corrosive properties. Biodegradable and environmentally safe, it works in both heated and non heated baths and is safe for all color coded surfaces. Rejuvenate your instrumentation today, the easy dispensing container formula into 1 gallon Environmentally Friendly: Our biodegradable formula has a neutral PH that ~* won't destroy the colored/anodized coating on instruments and keep them Revitalize Your Instrumentation: Keep your instrumentation performing like new with ColorZyme's built in lubricant and corrosive inhibitors that restore, renew, and prolong the life of all hinged and non hinged instruments. Versatile: Powerful enzymatic formula can be used as an ultrasonic solution or pre-soak to rapidly breakdown proteins and eliminate all organic matter. Easy Dispensing Container: Transforms one ounce of formula into 1 gallon of solution. Maximize Office Efficiency: Fast Action concentrated liquid formula contains 16 fluid ounces per bottle. Follow us on Facebook and Linkedln Call for your m/SMH?VJM today while supplies last.

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