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OPTICAL BIOMETER OA-2000OPTICAL BIOMETER & TOPOGRAPHY-KERATOMETER OA-2000 communicates with OCT SS-1000, Bio-/Pachymeter AL-4000, A-scan/Biometer AL-100 and Scheimpflug TMS-5. 2017/08 - subject to change without notice MEASUREMENT METHODS AND FUNCTIONS Automatic measurements Axial / ACD /LT/ Pachy / Topography Kerato / Pupil / DIA / WtoW LIGHT SOURCE Type Swept source laser IOL - CALCULATION FORMULAE Gaussian optics formula SRK-T, Holladay, Hotter Q, HAIGIS optimized formula, Showa, HAIGIS standard formula EXCEPTIONAL EYE CONDITIONS PL KS DESEK • Shammas PL / Double K SRK/T • OKULIX (RT) / EASY IOL (RT) • Phaco optics supported UNIT Display 10.4“ colour TFT touch screen Display length resolution 0.01 mm COMMUNICATION / CONNECTORS Style report JPEG, CSV Connections LAN, 4x USB, SD-card, BT (AL-4000) Format export files JPEG, CSV Internal database On SD-card Connections to TomeyLink / data transfer • TOMEY TECHNOLOGY AND VISION www.tomey.de All measurements - simply one touch IOL Ray Tracing Calculation by OKULIX (optional) Topography-Keratometer Pupil diameter Axial length Pachymetry ACD & LENS thickness White to White

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THE TOMEY OA-2000 OPTICAL BIOMETER ADVANCED IOL CALCULATION / RAY TRACING QUALITY IN DETAIL ALL MEASUREMENTS – SIMPLY ONE TOUCH No matter if you use standard formulas or ray tracing calculation – both options are possible with the OA-2000. By simply touching the center of the pupil on the monitor the measurement starts immediately. Due to our well known 3D eye tracking technology all relevant data are captured quickly, even with uncooperative patients. Starting with topography, pachymetry, ACD and lens thickness followed by axial length, pupil diameter and white to white – this guarantees...

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