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PERIMETER AP series - 1

TEST SPECIFICATIONS Maximum temporal range (degrees) 2018/05- subject to change without notice TOMEY PERIMETER SERIES COMPACT PERIMETER DELIGHT IN SIGHT Ultimate precision and comfort. Easy to use. TOMEY TECHNOLOGY AND VISION ■ Fixation control: digital eye tracking and Heijl-Krakau ■ Full field perimetry (160°) ■ Individual/customisable ■ Standardised exams, analyse and documentation ■ Adaptive to patient's conditions ■ EU driving licence test conformity

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PERIMETER AP series - 2

QUALITY IN DETAIL From static to kinetic perimetry - choose your perimeter model according to your workflow. An easy-to-use software is common in all models. Monitoring of patients is as simple as 1 -2-3. The “Last exam” function offers you the option to repeat the previous exam with the same settings of test and strategy for a given patient. You will save time and you can compare results. Whether you prefer a standard test or individual settings, everything is possible with our AP series. MONOCULAR & BINOCULAR TESTING In order to position the patient's head correctly, magnetic forehead and...

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