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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 1


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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 2

DELIGHT IN SIGHT TOMEY GmbH is the European headquarters of TOMEY Corporation, located in Nuremberg, Germany. TOMEY GmbH was established in 1991 and is responsible for the distribution network in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The good reputation of TOMEY ophthalmic and optical diagnostic systems is based on our accuracy, reliability and functionality. Our distributors successfully promote TOMEY'S name all over the globe. Know-how and loyal customer relations, enhanced service and comprehensive training on all products are our main keys for a perfect local support. As a customer of TOMEY...

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 4

CASIA2 OPTICAL COHERENCE TOMOGRAPHER Testing application for Cataract / Glaucoma Cornea Surgery laucoma angle analysis G (360°) dvanced imaging with A deeper scanning depth (13 mm) and faster scanning speed (50.000 A-scan/sec) Corneal topography + IOL choice & calculation ens shape analysis & L trend analysis Phakic IOL simulation OA-2000 OPTICAL BIOMETER & TOPOGRAPHY-KERATOMETER IOL Ray Tracing Calculation by OKULIX (optional) xial length A CD & LENS A thickness TopographyKeratometer ll measurements A simply one touch achymetry P White to White Pupil diameter

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 5

Automatic CCT corrected IOP calculations uilt-in printer B ide measuring range W 150 to 1,200 µm 8 readings with averaging atient data P input & export capability ordless C olour touch screen C utomated / A manual measurement ontact / immersion mode C IOL-calculation formulae 6 nternal data storage I Memory card drive

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 6

xial length + A corneal thickness Multiple IOL power calculation A-scan diagnostic probe (optional) Compact body Integrated database software (TB-1000) ontact + C immersion mode echargeable R battery with AC adapter UD-800 MODULAR A/B-SCAN SYSTEM M odular configurable I nternal database (via USB stick) B iometer A-scan 10 MHz 1 0 MHz 2-ring array B-probe P achymetry (optional) U BM 40 MHz B-probe (optional) A -diagnostic probe (optional)

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 7

TOP-1000 NON-CONTACT TONOMETER WITH PACHYMETRY 3D auto-tracking uto measurement A oft air puffing S achymetry for IOP correction P xcellent measurement E repeatability riendly user interface F on 10.1" touch screen atient database P FT-1000 NON-CONTACT TONOMETER Touch screen alignment system uto alignment A + auto measurement ornea thickness related C IOP correction oft and silent air pulse S High-speed measurement

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 8

TMS-4N AUTOMATED CORNEAL TOPOGRAPHER Easy to use and compatible software Over 60,000 data points Accurate and reproducible measurement Multi-lingual operation Plug and play (USB) Placido Topography verified Scheimpflug imaging High resolution Anterior + posterior map achymetry map P Anterior chamber depth Keratoconus screening software High speed measurement: 0.5 sec. Large patient database perates in all O light conditions

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 9

TFC-1000 FULLY AUTOMATED FUNDUS CAMERA systems – 4 1 instrument olour touch screen C ifferent D Topography maps upil + cornea ø P measurement uto alignment + A auto measurement Tear stability analysis system (TSAS) undus image within F 15 seconds uto focus A + auto measurement Multi imaging display ield of view F 45° x 45° 2M pixel 1 sensor fixation 9 points nterior A segment imaging

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 10

EM-4000 ENDOTHELIUM SPECULAR MICROSCOPE Auto alignment + auto measurement Integrated non contact Pachymetry 13 measurement areas Integrated database and printer Refraction eratometry K Keratometry onometry T Tonometry achymetry P Pachymetry opography T Topography ry Eye Analysis D Dry Automatic analysis, L-count, Core method, Dark area method Counts up to 300 cells Extremely fast

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 11

entral K-values C upil + cornea ø P measurement olour touch screen C uto measurement A igh speed printer H igh accuracy H entral + C peripheral K-values olour touch screen C upil + cornea ø P measurement uto alignment A + auto measurement ower motion P joystick

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 12

remium quality P igh grade coating H on all lenses recise and P easy motion ross cylinder C + rotary prism ear vision N + auxiliary lenses onvergence C system asy and fast operation E via touch screen ata display with D high contrast LCD quipped with all E standard refraction tests Cross-Cylinder (auto) + accurate rotary prism D control P (monocular + binocular) ommunication with all C Tomey chart monitors

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 13

TCP-4042 AUTOMATED CHART PROJECTOR Bright and clear chart projection mart selection of charts S onnection to TAP-2000 C efined design and compact size R onvenient focus adjustment C aintenance-free LED light M 2 charts 4 Maintenance-free LED light rilliant B chart display onnected to C TAP-2000 2 charts 4 ast chart F change

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 14

Programmable Programmable display sequences Comprehensive Comprehensive test selection Multimedia tool Multimedia olour vision test C charts TCP-2000P POLARISING CHART PANEL ontrast sensitivity test C Colour vision test charts on reflecting display N Contrast sensitivity test reflecting report function Individual test display Non CP-2000A = 24” / 60.96 cm T Individual test report function TCP-2000A = 24” / 60.96 cm igh quality LCD H High 23” / 58.42 cm olour vision test chart C Colour xtensive polarised E Extensive polarised test chart selection test chart selection rogrammable display P...

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 15

TCP-3000P / TCP-3000PX MULTIMEDIA POLARISING CHART PANEL Extensive polarising Extensive test chart selection igh quality LCD H High 24” / 60.96 cm Integrated computer Integrated Multimedia tool olour vision test chart C Colour Printable test reports rogrammable display P Programmable sequences Multilingual user Multilingual interface Large testtest Full MKH field frame (TCP-3000PX) sequence Full MKH test Large test field frame (TCP-3000PX) sequence (TCP-3000PX) luetooth or WiFi connection B Bluetooth to TAP-2000 igh variety of vision tests H High ccurate linear polarisation A Accurate...

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TOMEY Product Guide 2021 - 16

avefront technology with W Hartmann sensor (117 points) avefront technology with W Hartmann sensor (117 points) Simultaneous measurement of UV/Blue light and power Simultaneous measurement of UV/Blue light and power Lens mark recognition support Lens mark recognition support Simple power mapping Simple power mapping WiFi, LAN and RS-232C connection PD measurement

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