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Topcon 3D OCT 2000 - 1

Optical Coherence Tomography

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Topcon 3D OCT 2000 - 2

High quality imaging H High-resolution OCT With the addition of noise reducing al th algo algorithms and IR / 3D tracking technology, alg our new generation 3D OCT-2000 bring you extremely beautiful OCT images. ur r OCT 2000 brin brings Topcon’s 3D imaging and analysis functions provide invaluable pathological confirmation of progression, the true extent of oedema and the influence of vitreoretinal traction. Only Topcon 3D OCT can be your true surgical guide.

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Topcon 3D OCT 2000 - 3

Crystal Clear Retinal Photography Unique to Topcon OCT is its integrated retinal photography function, building on the phenomenal success of its non-mydriatic retinal camera. An interchangeable 12.3 mp digital camera acquires blur free images with sub 1 millisecond strobe flash. Whatever your resolution requirements may be, your investment is future proofed.

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Topcon 3D OCT 2000 - 4

Retina With Topcon’s advanced technologies, indulge yourself in high performance High-resolution B-scan With years of experience in retinal imaging and a passion to produce the highest quality results, we have succeeded in producing our most stunning retinal image ever an overlap of up to 50! With just one click to change the reference mirror position to the choroidal mode, the border between choroid and sclera becomes apparent due to Enhanced Depth Imaging. Trust our newest of 3D OCT-2000 for better visualization and differentiation of each single layer. Compare Function Exclusive 3D OCT...

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Topcon 3D OCT 2000 - 5

8.2×3mm wide view 3D OCT-2000 allows for wide area scans, allowing even the smallest area of pathology to be captured during initial scan. Combination of Topcon 3D OCT & FA/FAF/ICG images and more Autofluorescence, fluorescence angiography and indocyanine green image is simply imported to allow pin point registration to aid the diagnosis of RPE and choroidal changes. Scan protocols line-up for macula 3D Scan Protocols 8.2×3 mm Cross 6×6 mm 4.5×4.5 mm 3×3 mm 1024×64 3D 512×128 512×32 256×256 256×256 256×256 Radial 7 Line Raster Line *More protocols available

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Topcon 3D OCT 2000 - 6

Glaucoma Before compensation Arm yourself with total glaucoma diagnosis and management After compensation 3D Tracking The 3D tracking system (compensation function and rescanning function) reduces blurred images generated by the microsaccades, enabling you to obtain consistent quality images. Compensation function Automatically corrects the distortion due to microsaccades This picture shows an intentional moving eye to illustrate an example of compensation. Portion to be evaluated Rescanning function Automatically compensates by rescanning the area when microsaccades cause interference...

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Topcon 3D OCT 2000 - 7

RNFL Trend Analysis Change in RNFL thickness Change in the nerve fibre layer thickness can be monitored via RNFL Trend Analysis and comparison with normative data. Multiple patient visits can be viewed simply on one screen aiding disease management. Trend analysis Trend analysis can calculate linear regression lines by using all stored patient data. This chart can be useful to follow patient data as well as a useful patient education tool. Select an icon Total patient history data including overlay / thickness map / fundus image can now be shown on the same report. Angle Measurement...

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Topcon 3D OCT 2000 - 8

Anterior Courtesy of Dr. Frederique Matonti Get Quickly, Non-contact, High-resolution Anterior Image Topcon 3D OCT-2000 not only gives you the posterior but also an anterior image, unmasking the precise shape and curvature of the cornea. Combined with rich analysis modules, you can easily detect any corneal disorders, such as corneal trauma, ulcer, astigmatism the rich analysis module is also good for pre and post refractive surgery observation. Enjoy increased clinical efficiency with the enhanced Topcon 3D OCT. Scan protocols Optimal selection of scan protocol is available for anterior...

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Topcon 3D OCT 2000 - 9

Report sample Cornea 3D Report Macula 3D Report Glaucoma RNFL Trend Analysis Report Glauc Glaucoma 3D Report Macula Radial Report Cornea Radial Report Macula 7 Line Raster Report

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Topcon 3D OCT 2000 - 10

Easy operation User Friendly Operation With the combined multiple auto functions, no extra training is required to use OCT-2000. Images can be captured easily, accurately and immediately. Easy capturing Intuitive scan protocol selection with auto functionality will increase workflow. You will be assisted with Auto Focus / Auto Shoot for retinal camera and Auto Focus / Auto Z&Z Lock / Auto Polarisation when shooting OCT. Easy to use touch-screen panel 8.4” integrated touch screen LCD control panel for easy operation. Less eye movement when picturing, since you can both navigate and picture...

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Topcon 3D OCT 2000 - 11

Reliable data OCT Could Influence Clinical Decision Making Topcon’s high-tech analysis and high definition OCT automates the diagnosis procedure. Simultaneous dynamic viewing of OCT, colour fundus / anterior image can enhance your diagnostic skills. Pinpoint registration of serial images allows for detailed analysis of serial exams, beneficial in evaluating pre-and-post operation. TM Having trouble with presentations? FastMap can quickly and easily create 3D and 2D videos, offering you an outstanding performance at general meetings or even at an academic field. Historic patient data from...

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Topcon 3D OCT 2000 - 12

Network 3D OCT-2000 in hospital network Topcon 3D OCT-2000 and its viewing software plays a powerful role not only in clinical illustration, but also clinical evaluation. The unique software enables all patient imaging and data to be collated, saved and reviewed remotely through one unified network, IMAGEnet™. OCT images can be viewed and analysed easily through the network at any location; medical meetings, surgical simulation in the operating room and patient consultation. Furthermore, an integrated IMAGEnet™ system allows all clinical images taken throughout the ophthalmology department...

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