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Slit Lamp Adapted Optical Coherence Tomography SL SCAN-1 CONNECTING VISIONS

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OCT digital network in the clinic Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology created a revolution in the fundus diagnostic field more than a decade ago. With the introduction of the world’s first commercialised Fourier Domain OCT, 3D OCT-1000 in 2005, Topcon made a further revolution in this field offering the combination of a retinal camera with high resolution 3D OCT image. Topcon is proud to introduce the world’s first slit lamp adapted posterior and anterior segment Fourier Domain OCT, SL Scan-1. With the SL Scan-1, OCT examination becomes available from the first consultation...

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VA test Room ination Room Doctors Room Consultation Room Server Room

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Ultimate Optimisation of Patient Flow by the SL SCAN-1 The Topcon SL SCAN-1 enables observation, capture and recording of high resolution cross-sectional images of the anterior and posterior pole of the eye with a biomicroscope. The integration of superior imaging technology, OCT with Topcon’s leading slit lamp range enhances diagnostic capabilities significantly. With SL SCAN-1 many depth related disorders can be clearly and easily observed using a standard slit lamp examination. The SL SCAN-1 requires minimal operation to obtain the desired OCT B-Scan images. A simple, compact addition to...

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IMAGEnet i-base™ IMAGEnet i-base connection realises the ultimate digital connection between the SL SCAN-1 and other state of art Topcon instruments such as 3D OCT, Fundus imaging systems, Refraction systems etc. Image courtesy of Carlos Mateo, MD O Surgery, Laser Treatment and/or Anti-VEGF injection Operation Room Consultation Room

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The SL SCAN-1 Clinical Image Samples The SL SCAN-1 provides high resolution OCT images of the posterior and anterior section. The B-Scan length of the SL SCAN-1 on the fundus is 12mm wide covering approximately 40 degrees of the fundus view providing scanning of a large peripheral area of the fundus. Idiopathic neovascularisation Occult neovascularisation in AMD, Pigment Epithelial Detachment still present and (sub) retinal edema subsided Neovascularisation at border of old chorioretinal scar (treated with PDT; without leakage) Iris Cyste (scan from Radial Scan Pattern) Cornea + Contact...

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Various Scan Patterns The SL SCAN-1 is equipped with the various scan patterns for your desired use. 0 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 Horizontal Cross 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 9 2 Horizontal raster 0 8 3 4 7 5 6 Radial 5 6 7 8 9 Grid Circle All scan patterns are configurable in number of B-scan lenghts and resolution. With the SL SCAN-1, B-scan acquisition of the peripheral retina is possible. With the SL SCAN-1, B-scan acquisition is possible on any part of the retina including extreme peripheral area using a hand held lens. 12 mm Full 12mm scan on retina allows the user to capture both macula and optic...

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Easy Operation of SL SCAN-1 The SL SCAN-1 requires minimal operation to obtain the desired OCT B-scan images, in fact the operation is so minimal that it does not sacrifice a single function of the Topcon slit lamp. 1 User can view the retina via hand held lens as usual. 2 Once joystick is pressed, the scan line is projected on the retina/anterior chamber and the live B-Scan will be displayed on the monitor. 3 The operator can press the joystick button to capture/record B-scan images, continuing to do so until the desired image is captured. 4 he user may report on the images captured to T...

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The SL SCAN-1 System Configuration SL SCAN-1 scan unit (slit lamp attachment). SL SCAN-1 base unit. (Vertical and horizontal placement possible). System Diagram FV-1A SL SCAN-1 SL SCAN-1 Fundus Viewer FV-1L Fundus Viewer FV-1L Digital Camera Unit DC-3 / DV-3 Slit Lamp Digital Camera Unit DC-3 / DV-3 Slit Lamp SL SCAN-1 Installation Examples On the IS-600II ophthalmic furniture system. On the ATE-800 stand alone table system.

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Fundus Viewing Systems 1) By handheld lens (Optional Accessories) With SL SCAN-1 it is possible to use conventional handheld lenses to observe the retina and capture the OCT image. 2) By Topcon Fundus Viewer System (Optional Accessories) Aperture Selector, FV-1A Reduces reflection to optimise the fundus observation. Lens Holder, FV-1L Approximately 30 degree fundus image observed. With the combination of image recording devices such as the DC-3 or DV-3, the slit lamp can become a basic fundus camera. (This unit can be used independently from the SL SCAN-1 and/or FV-1L. It can be used with...

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DC -3 The DC-3 is the perfect combination for still imaging and live image. Integrated imaging solution with a phenomenal 8.3 Megapixel CCD sensor. Equipped with an exceptional resolution of 1 Megapixel life image. • • • Digital Reference Scan Patterns With or without the DC-3/DV-3, registration of scanned area can be recorded in the SL SCAN-1 software (Standard Option). Anterior Posterior Without the DC-3/DV-3, four kinds of digital drawing of various segments of eye are available to record scanned area manually. With the DC-3/DV-3, scan pattern is automatically recorded on the retina /...

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Specifications SL SCAN-1 Axial resolution Scan rate Lateral resolution Pixels image depth Diopter range Scan patterns Scanning range Light source (SLD) Imaging segments Aiming beam Dimensions Weight Power source Power dissipation Specifications PC Operating System CPU Memory Connection Screen resolution Mouse 8 - 9 µm in tissue 5000 A-Scans / sec ≤ 20 µm 512 pixels +/- 20 D Horizontal line | Vertical line | Cross | Raster | Grid | Radial | Circle 2 - 12 mm Posterior 8 - 12 mm Anterior (10x) 2 - 4 mm Anterior (25x) Wavelength 840 nm Posterior segment Anterior segment Wavelength 650 nm Base...

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