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hygiene beyond expectation Accessible bathrooms design • manufacture • supply • install • ser vice • recycle

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For more than 50 years Clos-o-Mat has been committed to provide innovative healthcare products with the objective to create a better life for people with disabilities and a better working environment for those who help them. Today the objective is still clear, to create a better life for people with disabilities and a better working environment for those who help them. The accessible bathroom collection Palma Vita Shower Toilet Aerolet Toilet Lift Height Adjustable Wash Hand Basins Height Adjustable Changing Benches Height Adjustable Baths Height Adjustable Shower Seats Ceiling Track Hoists...

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palma vita shower toilet The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita automatic WC sets the standard for shower toilets, providing simultaneous flushing and washing with the addition of warm air drying. Its in-built douching and drying is operated on demand by pressing and releasing the elbow pad, improving cleanliness and hygiene for all users, cleaning with water, not paper, which can reduce the risk of infection. • Combines functions of a WC and bidet with addition of warm air drying • Simultaneous flushing and washing (a unique feature) • Can be used at all times as a conventional WC • Clos-o-Mat’s unique...

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aerolet toilet lift The Aerolet range by Clos-o-Mat. An extensive range of products designed to facilitate independent toilet use for a variety of needs. These toilet lifts, in combination with the Palma Vita Shower WC, are the ideal solution for optimum independence, hygiene and privacy. Cleaning and drying initiate from the bowl within the integrated bidet system, with the advantage that it remains stationary during the standing up motion. The toilet lift is installed above the Palma Vita Shower WC (existing or new). This electronically controlled toilet lift gently raises and lowers...

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height-adjustable wash hand basins Height adjustable wash hand basins allow both wheelchair and ambulant users to enjoy the same wash hand basin safely and comfortably. There are a variety of optional extras that cater for virtually every level of user requirements. The numerous height adjustment options are available for basins requiring just occasional height change, to those needing frequent daily changes. Aesthetically pleasing, the basin units sit well in most bathroom settings. • Electrically operated • Gas operated • Manually operated • Horizontal manual movement available • Variety...

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height-adjustable baths Height adjustable baths provide a safe working environment for carers when tending to their charges. The numerous benefits include reducing the risk of the carer suffering back injuries and enabling better eye contact between carer and user. The range of sizes vary from that of a standard domestic bath through to larger models that can offer children a combined bathing and playing space. The baths can be used with a variety of other equipment including mobile and ceiling track hoists. The following options are available on selected models: • Attachable fold-down...

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ceiling track hoists A ceiling track hoist system allows carers to easily transfer clients from one location to another with improved safety for both. It is a flexible system that can be designed specifically for the clients needs and installed in to most situations. The system’s carry bar accepts the most universally used sling types. The following options are available on selected models: • Full room coverage • Can be installed into most environments • Easy and safe to operate • ‘Soft start/soft stop’ • Remote control • Rechargeable batteries aprèshower body dryer The Aprèshower Body...

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Accessible bathrooms - 8 hygiene beyond expectation Total Hygiene Limited • Bank House • 182-186 Washway Road • Sale • Cheshire • M33 6RN • Fax: 0161 973 2711 Tel: 0800 374 076 Email: July 2013

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