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Hill-Rom® Liko™ Likorall™ 242 ES/S 243 ES 250 ES/S IRC Overhead lift motor Safe and flexible overhead lift motor. Thanks to user-friendliness, a genuine regard for safety and clever design, the Likorall™ overhead lift motor is highly regarded among both care staff and patients. Likorall’s combination of unique technology, operational reliability and ease of maintenance, together with Liko’s wide range of accessories, make it possible for Likorall™ to accommodate almost any lifting situation imaginable. Let your needs decide! Likorall™ is not simply an overhead lift motor; it is a part of family of lift units with many helpful features. The lifting capacity ranges from 200 to 500 kg. The flexibility with which Liko’s rail systems can be installed and the possibility of choosing a freestanding system mean that Likorall™ can be used in any care setting. With Likorall™, charging is possible along the rail, and the system can be equipped with wireless IR control, a transfer motor and electrical track switches. Important features • atented safety drum SFS P • ift strap with ten-fold safety margin L and fitted with the SSP limit switch for squeeze protection • Electrical emergency lowering and raising • Three different ways of charging: - handcontrol - continual rail charging - multiStation • ixtures wi

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Hill-Rom® Liko™ Likorall™ 242 ES/S 243 ES 250 ES/S IRC Overhead lift motor A carriage adapter makes it possible to move the lift motor simply and easily between different rail systems, without the use of tools. Slings adapted to all possible lifting situations; Liko™ has one of the world’s largest assortments. With LikoScale, weighing patients in the lift is easy and convenient. With the scale in a quick-release hook, it can be easily moved when necessary. Slingbars adapted to different lifting situations, easily exchangeable, thanks to Liko’s quick-release hook system. Maximum load:...

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