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hygiene beyond expectation Shower toilets and accessories design • manufacture • supply • install • ser vice • recycle

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Clos-o-Mat is the first choice for less able people and their carers, to deliver quality, easy to use toileting solutions that bring greater independence, dignity and hygiene. Mark Sadler Sales Director

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company profile page 4 palma vita shower toilet page 6 palma vita optional extras page 8 lima lift height adjustable shower toilet page 10 paediatric suppor t systems page 12 bariatric solutions page 14 palma vita compatible shower chairs page 16 after sales ser vice & maintenance page 18 palma vita technical data page 21 Cold water supply pipe lima lift technical data page 22 seats & douche technical data page 23

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Clos-o-Mat company profile For more than 50 years Clos-o-Mat has been committed to providing innovative healthcare products with the objective to create a better life for people with disabilities and a better working environment for those who help them. • Over 50 years of healthcare experience • Manufacturer of Britain’s biggest-selling toilet, the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita • Over 40,000 Clos-o-Mat shower toilets produced and sold • Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita is Britain’s brand leader – the first, and only, toilet of its kind developed specifically for disabled people • Clos-o-Mat shower toilets are...

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Clos-o-Mat: the total hygiene solution Clos-o-Mat is much more than just a world-renowned brand; it is a concept of best practice within the healthcare and accessible washroom marketplace. Palma Vita Shower Toilet Aerolet Toilet Lift Height Adjustable Wash Hand Basins Height Adjustable Changing Benches Ceiling Track Hoists Height Adjustable Shower Seats • From ‘the smallest bathroom in the world’ to a fully accessible washroom • Creating a room that meets the needs of the user and their carer(s), however small or large the space • Giving optimum independence, dignity, self-esteem, privacy...

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palma vita shower toilet The Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita automatic WC sets the standard for shower toilets, providing simultaneous flushing and washing with the addition of warm air drying. The Palma Vita is user friendly for individuals with a physical or learning disability, and can be used by able and disabled people alike. Its in-built douching and drying is operated on demand by pressing and releasing the elbow pad, improving cleanliness and hygiene for all users, cleaning with water, not paper, which can reduce the risk of infection. The Palma Vita has an unrivalled, brandleading, half...

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palma vita features • Combines functions of a WC and bidet with addition of warm air drying • Customised to suit individual needs • Simultaneous flushing and washing (a unique feature) • Complies with current electrical regulations and can be fitted into Zone 1 • Can be used at all times as a conventional WC • Palma Vita Maximum load: • Clos-o-Mat’s unique system allows the user to benefit from the toilet’s automatic functions by just pressing and releasing the elbow pad • Palma Vita with Big John seat Maximum load: 362Kg • Simple ‘hands free’ action automatic flushing, warm water washing...

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1 Integrated Fold-down Support Arms Robust and secure suppor t arms designed and manufactured specifically for the Palma Vita. This convenient support system not only folds out of the way to aid side transfer from a wheelchair, it also has a number of additions that can further aid the user’s stability. A lap strap is also available. Integrated Folddown Support Arms are ideal for installations where wall construction is poor. 8 Shaped Plinth Manufactured in shaped white plastic to match the Palma Vita contours, plinths are used to raise the whole unit. For use with a shower chair or to aid...

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lima lift height adjustable shower toilet The Lima Lift height adjustable automatic shower toilet provides flushing, washing and warm air drying from one simple operation. The Lima Lift is ideally suited to multi-user situations, as it features fingertip control via simple buttons mounted in the support arm. lima lift features • • • • • • Seat height adjustment from 430mm to 730mm. Drop-down arms can be raised or lowered with the lift. Easy access for compatible shower chair use. Improved personal hygiene. Can be used at all times as a conventional WC Maximum weight limit of the Lima Lift:...

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raising the standard in bathroom care and safety the lima lift is available in 2 versions: Type A – Surface mounted. This unit including the lifting device is required to be secured to the finished wall surface. It therefore relies on the structural strength of the wall to which the unit is being fitted. Type B – Surface mounted plus plate. The Type B Lima Lift as with the Type A makes use of the finished wall surface but comes with an additional floor plate acting as a cantilever when extra stability is required.

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paediatric support systems rifton hygiene and toileting system (HTS) The Rifton Hygiene & Toileting System (HTS) delivers optimum adaptability to accommodate personal hygiene requirements – showering, toileting and bathing – from one core unit. It has been purpose-designed to ensure the occupant is supported, in the best position for good hygiene. rollover The Rifton (HTS) standard system can be easily adjusted through height, seat depth and backrest, without tools, according to needs, and as the child grows. A range of accessories including lateral supports, seat and back pads and a...

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columbia support systems The Columbia Support System makes use of the Integrated Fold-down Support Arms, now available with the Palma Vita, allowing the system to be taken on and off easily without the use of tools. The Columbia comes in two versions: Hi-Back and Lo-Back. • Hi-Back Medium – for children aged 10 years + • Hi-Back Large – for ages 15 years to adult • Lo-Back Medium – for junior adults • Lo-Back Large – for adults Either the Touch Sensitive Hand Switch, Remote Control or the Proxy Switch is required when using a Columbia and consideration must be given to correct douche...

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