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Coronary Stent System for Drug Application Yukon Choice 4 ® DES The polymer-free DES solution Translumina – Allows natural healing

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Yukon® Choice 4 DES Excellent Clinical Outcome The polymer-free Translumina YUKON DES drug-eluting stent, coated with pure Rapamycin (Sirolimus), has an excellent history of pre-clinical and clinical results. Animal trials and a human dose-finding study have built the platform for the polymer-free, stent-based delivery of Rapamycin [1,2]. In two independant trials the YUKON DES showed angiographic and clinical equivalence with the TAXUS stent after 6-months follow-up [3,4]. Latest clinical data, published by R.Byrne et al [5], show the excellent long-term outcome of the YUKON DES in a...

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Allows natural healing In the first randomized, controlled optical coherence tomography (OCT) study M. Dalby et al showed perfect stent strut coverage for the Translumina Rapamycin-coated YUKON DES 3 months after implantation [6]. The Study compared the polymer-free YUKON DES with the polymer-based Cypher and showed statistically significant differences in stent strut coverage and stent strut protrusion in favour of the polymer-free YUKON DES. Clinical benefit of a DES with the long-term safety of a BMS! The OCT cross section of the YUKON DES after 3 months follow up 161 (1) YUKON Animal...

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Yukon® Choice 4 DES Technical data and handling The polymer-free coating – step by step • tandard connectors for power S supply and compressed sterile air • Easy display-aided handling • Multi language menu • Optimised drug injection with syringe • Fast and sterile coating procedure • Sterile storage of the coated stent (data for rapamycin available) • Technical support L • iability insurance for the coated stent (for further information please contact translumina) The new Cartridge with Yukon® Choice 4 DES • Sterile and safe storage • Cartridge equipped with integrated sterile filter •...

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The transparent luer has a positive tactile feel assisting in navigation an improved robust segment ensures perfect crossability and trackability. This feature allows easy access to stent surface Stent features Unique stent surface The micro-porous stent surface, called PEARL Surface, favours better endothelialisation, which is essential in avoiding thrombosis and restenosis. Stent design • homogeneous expansion • increased radial force • good side branch access Technical specifications of the stent Medical Stainless Steel, 316 LVM, Surface containing micro-pores Crossing profile Strut...

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Coronary Stent System for Drug Application Product matrix / Ordering information* Small vessel sizes * Please contact our customer service for available sizes Compliance chart Inflation pressure [bar or 10 5 Pasca ® YUKON, YUKON Choice, PEARL Surface and translumina are registered trademarks of translumina GmbH Please refer to the Instruction for Use supplied with these devices for indications, contraindications, adverse effects, suggested procedures, warnings and precautions. Translumina GmbH I Neue Rottenburger Strasse 50 72379 Hechingen I Germany I info@translumina.de

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