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Coronary Stent System for Drug Application Yukon® Choice

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A First Class Stent The YUKON® Choice DES+ is the only stent system especially designed for customized application of antiproliferative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-thrombotic drugs. By combining an outstanding stent design with a special surface technology the YUKON® Choice DES+ provides physicians with a powerful tool for the targeted treatment of different patient needs. CONFIDENCE IN DIRECT STENTING • Lowest crossing profile ^^^^ • Unsurpassed flexibility Homogeneous stent expansion • Increased radial force MORE TREATMENT • Innovative and flexible design for better side branch access...

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REDUCED STRUT THICKNESS Translumina's second generation drug eluting stent - the YUKON® ChoiceDES+ - features thinner struts and a lower profile for high flexibility, precise stent delivery and optimal vessel scaffolding while ensuring a homogeneous drug delivery. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Medical Stainless Steel, 316 LVM, Surface containing micro-pores Metallic surface area Balloon marker material Entry profile Proximal shaft diameter Distal shaft diameter Recommended guide wire Guiding catheter Platinum / Iridium Our high performance shaft consisting of a new material provides excellent...

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that allows natural healing MORE CHOICES THROUGH TECHNOLOGY Translumina provides physicians with the technology for the individualized coating of drug eluting stents. This unique drug coating system consists of the YUKON® ChoiceDES+, the Stent Coating Machine (SCM), and the most effective YUKON® Choice DES+ Stent Coating Machine Coating solution STENT COATING The Translumina Stent Coating Machine is an innovative system especially developed to allow the application of different dosages on the YUKON® ChoiceDES+. The stent coating machine enables a polymer free coating process that takes...

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• with excellent clinical history THE RAPAMYCIN YUKON STENT Dose-finding Study (European Heart Journal. 2005; Volume 26; 1475-1481) Longterm data available now ISAR-TEST Study, comparison to competitor Registry data: more than 1.500 patients (presented at German Cardiac Society Meeting 2007) Clinical Evidence recommended by German Cardiac Society (listed in the DES.DE German registry) Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) trial Yukon vs. competitor shows 99.9% endothelial coverage (Dalby et al, presented at LDDR 2008, submitted for publication) I Polymer-free means: Clinical benefit of a DES...

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