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Combination appliance model Wörishofen type UW GI 1800 AC

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Underwatermassage- and Combinationappliances Combination appliance model Wörishofen type UW GI 1800 AC part-no AU1070 for the application of underwater jet massages and electrogalvanic baths with the possibility to superimpose 4 different pulsed currents as well as for standard electrogalvanic baths, consequently being suitable for all applications in the electro-galvanical-bath, consisting of: Acrylic glass tub body, seamlessly deformed, glass-fibre reinforced, on 4 adjustable feet with rubber protecting cap. Polystyrene cladding, colour white. Choice of tub colour according to colour chart. Capacity 600 l, including 4-step tub shortener. Dimensions: interior approx. 1800 x 800 x 600 mm, exterior approx. 2320 x 940 x 900 mm. Tub fittings: 2 handles 1200 mm long, 1 cascade filling device with inlet 1 ¼”, 1 plastic suction shell with sieve, 1 drainage connection 2 ½". 1 plastic pump attached to the tub, capacity 200 l/min, 3 phase current 230/400 V, 1,6 kW, IP 44, with 1 motor protection switch. 1 iso transformer 230/24 V TÜV, 1 ON/OFF switch, isolated built-in cocks for pressure control, hot and cold water filling, fittings made of red brass, 1 extensible hand shower with holder, 1 precision-manometer, 2 connecting high-pressure hoses 1", installation according to DIN EN 1717:2011-8, 1 massage hose, 1 set of plastic spray heads 40/60/80/100/ 120/140 mm². Disinfectionsystem: All water carrying parts, including pump and massagehose will be disinfected through adding of chlorine granules. With subsequently automatic residual drain. Tub hygienic according to DIN VDE 0750 (IEC 601-1) and MPBetreibV with Adisan (ZR0200) cleaning agent, Bayromed (ZR0100) active oxygen and Chlorine granules (ZR0302). Integrated, micro-processor controlled electrical element, type GI – WA with 4 pulse currents: As a serviceable component easy to change • Control of the currents and tensions via hardware and software. • Galvanic current which can be superimposed by four different pulsed currents • Numerical display of the currents and the voltages, separated for galvanic and pulsed current. • Membrane keyboard for simple operation with easily understandable symbols 3 functional keys ON, OFF and start 16 keys for individually selectable polarity of electrodes (plus, minus, off) with light indicator 1 key for pole commutator 2 keys for galvanic current up and down 2 keys for superposition of pulsed current up and down 2 timer keys, individually adjustable, with automatic switch-off (range 1 - 30 min.) 1 indicator of error message 1 indicator for capacitor charge 9 special steel electrodes type B (patented) material 1.4571, arranged in a sliding way to suit the body, with protective corner profiles made of plastics, removable and adjustable. The unit is a compact design, all connections via plug-type connectors. Supply voltage: 24 V AC Power consumption: 80 W Output voltage (galv./pulsed current): 0 - 24 V DC /0 - 7 V AC Output current (galv./pulsed current): 0 - 2 A DC /0 - 300 mA AC Following parts are production line included: Part-no. SU0010 4 selector keys for the superposition of the following pulsed currents: Monophase (sinusoidal half-wave) 50 Hz e.g. for the increase of the muscular tonus, the improvement of the blood circulation and for the treatment of pains. Ultra irritation current rectangle 140 Hz ratio pulse/pause 2/5 e.g. for the treatment of myalgia, lumbalgia and muscular hypertonia. Rectangular threshold current 50 Hz, with 0,5 Hz sinusoidal superposition e.g. for the efficient treatment of myalgia, neuralgia, lumbalgia and for electro-gymnastics for muscular contraction and reinforcement. Rectangular threshold current 50 Hz, with 2 Hz sinusoidal superposition e.g. for the efficient treatment of strain, contusions and haematomas. Part-no. SU0030 stainless steel electrodes type B (patented) removeable and slipable for contoured treatment. Inclusive suspension. Part-no. SU0060 Cascade filling device 1¼“ Part-no. SU0090 Four-stage tub shortener integrated in tub body. Optional extras: see overview sheet 14.01.01 and 14.01.02 Special fittings and accessories Technical details subject to change Trautwein GmbH, 79312 Emmendingen Tel.: 07641/4677-30 Fax: 07641/4677-70 Internet:

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Combinationappliance model Wörishofen type UW GI 1800 AC part-no. AU1070 On-site connections 1. cold water sleeve 1", flush with floor 2. warm water sleeve 1", flush with floor 3. electr. floor connection, 1,5m long, 3 phase current, 400 V/3/N/SL 1,5 mm², motor 1,6 kW, 4,2 A 4. Drainage with odour trap ∅ 100. 40 mm sunk, capacity 3,5 l/sec. In case of flush or raised installation, the flowoff capacity must be throttled down to 2 l/sec. Free outlet min. 10 cm. On site safety measures: Stop cock cold and warm water. Safety measure for drinkwater protection according to DIN EN 1717:2011-8....

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