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nursing lift tub model München type HW 2100 AC

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Nursing Systems nursing lift tub model München type HW 2100 AC part-no. AP5025 Nursing tub for free placement for floor mounting, incl. support foot. Colour support foot and installation cladding: white The tubs with floor connection can be installed in a way that allows the resident a free view over the room. Consisting of: Tub and instrument panel designed as s e a m l e s s c o m p a c t u n i t . Tub material: Ac r y l i c g l a s s deep-drawn. Tub cladding made of plastic. Color of tub according to Trautwein colour chart. Color of cladding according to Trautwein colour chart. Tub equipment 1 drainage and overflow battery 1 ½“ with siphon and connecting pipe to floor drainage. 1 Hansgrohe in-wall thermostatic valve for tub filling and handshower function, nominal performance 48l/min. Filling time till usable space: 3 minutes (3 bar). 1 standard included scald protection by thermostat. 1 converter valve for the functions tub filling - hand shower All fittings made by Hansgrohe. 1 hand shower ½" with 2m pressure hose and holder. Connected to the in-wall thermostat with scald protection. Dosing also possible by the converter valve. 1 inlet shell 1" for splash-free tub filling over free inlet according to DIN EN 1717. 2 high-pressure hoses ¾" for cold and warm water connection; conduiting in copper, brass and red-brass fittings. 1 neck cushion. Drive and construction 1 electro-mechanical, synchronized drive for absolute even lifting and lowering, via mechanical spindle drive with automatic end- and safety switch off 1 electric box IP65 protected 1 pneumatically control for lifting and lowering. Length of control line approx. 1,5 m. 1 steel frame as carrier construction. All metal parts are protected against corrosion. Adjustment legs made of plastic. 1 support foot top-end with 2 plastic adjustment legs. Technical data: Dimensions of tub external: LxWxH: 2130 x 830 x 1170mm internal: LxWxH: 1630 x 650 x 440mm tub edge working area: 650 – 1050 mm tub volume: 200 l filling time at 3 bar approx. 3 min. drain time approx. 4 min. overall weight: 220 kg, el.-connection: 230 V AC On site safety and protection measures according to DIN EN 1717:2011-8 for the protection of drinking water according to the pre-assembly drawing. The following parts are serially included in the delivery: Part no. SP0180 10 years warranty on the tub material acrylic glass, without maintenance efforts resistant against capillary cracks. Part no. ZP5027 Integrated tub shortener made of white plastic material. The tub is shortened by plugging the shortener into the preformed hollows in the interior of the tub for 3 tub lengths. Part no. ZP5750 Tub material with antibacterial technology. Antibacterial protection, which durably and reliably prevents harmful bacteria like e.g. salmonella, E. coli, listeria, legionella, staphylococcus and streptococcus, from growing. Color of the tub: acrylic-white. Attention: If a different tub color is chosen, this technology cannot be delivered. Part no. ZW7845 Shower head for nurturing oil-dispersion baths Due to a special whirling technique (Venturi-Jet) oil is added to the bathwater from the dispensing head. The oil is regularly stored in the bath water in the form of super fine drops. This allows an intense absorption by the skin without much care expense. Colour: shiny white. Dimensions: diameter 30mm, length 150mm Option: Part no. ZP5720 Wellfeeling module in height-adjustable tubs for connection to an on-site amplifier. For applying sound wave massages and colour therapy. Amplifier output power 50–75 W / 4 . Sound wave massage The on-site hi-fi system sends steadily high quality sound waves to the water and so to the bathing person. Depending on the auditory selection, body and soul gets stimulated or relaxed. The tub is the sound body, there is no loudspeaker necessary. The intensity is regulated by the hi-fi system. Colour light therapy Depending on the indication, different therapeutically adapted colour ranges can be applied there. Most modern and precise high-performance LED’s provide a flicker-free light to release and support regenerative processes in the body. The light spots are flatly embedded in the tub body in such way that a perfect hygiene can be maintained. Technical details 1 electronic control unit for colour light: white–blue–green– red and colour mixes. Colour selection by manual button. 2 colour light spots for a flicker-free LED light. 2 oscillating magnets for the sound waves with connection box. Connection with the on-site hi-fi system with the loudspeaker socket. Special equipment: see overview page 14.05.01 and 14.05.02 accessory and special equipment. Technical details subject to change Trautwein GmbH, 79312 Emmendingen Tel.: 07641/4677-30 Fax: 07641/4677-70 Internet:

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Nursing Systems nursing lift tub model München type HW 2100 AC part-no. AP5025 On-site connections: 1. cold water sleeve ¾" flush with floor , (1* flush with tiles) . 2. warm water sleeve ¾" flush with floor , (*2 flush with tiles) . 3. electr. connection 230V, 50Hz, 0,25kW, (with option AirJet 0,75kW), floor connection, cable length 1,5m, 2 3x1.5mm (*3 equipment connecting box for fixed connection IP 65) 4. drainage with odour trap Ø 70 (*4 wall outlet Ø 50 sleeve, flush with tiles) further drain variants can be requested as on our separate sheet. 5. Loud speaker cable (optional) for the...

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