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Thermo-Spa - 1

Nursing Systems Thermo-Spa part-no.: AW7610 Floating coach for weightless floating. Field of application: For mental and physical relaxation for elderly people and the nursing and rehabilitation area, as well as for the easing of muscles, for the prevention of decubitus and in case of dementia. As heat treating in the physical therapy. For houses with health management for the staff, to prevent spinal and back disorders and stress. Extension possibilities: Concerto well-being module with body and sound wave massage, colour light module AURA as well as massage module AquaJet. Emergency-call device for connection to the installation on site. Tub and cladding are made of plastic material. Sit-on frame: white, cladding: according to colour chart Base: black Foil: signal grey / translucent special foil (Aura) Equipment: The whole system is mobile with oblique head part. Height adjustment of the tub electromechanically, without the need of an air compressor. The reclining surface stays always on the same level, it is the tub that drives up and the warm water embraces with the foil the client’s body. With the additionally delivered blanket, the body of the client can be covered. All functions are menu driven and can be called up Touch-Screen and are displayed with pictograms. Options: Bamboo design Part no: ZW7644 Bamboo layer on the lower part of the designer cladding. Well-feeling-module Concerto Part no.: ZW7610 for body-sonic and acoustic wave massage, connection to on-site audio-system. The tub is the speaker, the appliance has no loudspeakers. The played music can be felt and heard. The water transfers the vibrations over the foil to the user‘s body in unexpected intensity. Elevation allowing transfer systems below Part no.: ZW7550 The installation can be equipped with longer feet (+120mm), so that there is more space below, allowing the access for mobile lifters. Massage module AquaJet Part-No.: ZW7615 The nearly weightless body get a massage by 20 jets, controlled by an electronic distributor. Always beginning at the thighs, the pulsating massage jets are moving along 5 zones in heart direction up to the shoulders and beginning again at the thighs until the set treatment time is over. The intensity is regulated by the residence time in the zones. The control and program selection is via Touchtronic display. With the emergency-stop key, it is possible to abort the treatment at any time. Specifications: 20 integrated massage jets 1 electronically controlled distributor 1 high-performance turbine with 400 l/min. 1 electric control with operation via Touchtronic display with the functions: - program selection - time selection - temperature selection Colour light module AURA part no.:ZW7613 for colour light treatments. Eight integrated highperformance diode beamers create alternating rainbow colours on the translucent special foil. The client is floating on light. The light function can be adjusted to show a chosen colour or to create shining, alternating rainbow colours. The flicker-free and pure spectral light of the underwater illumination brings about regeneration and revitalization. Cladding illumination AMBIENTE Part no.: ZW1510 40 white LEDs integrated in the cladding. Technical details subject to change Trautwein GmbH, 79312 Emmendingen Tel.: 07641/4677-30 Fax: 07641/4677-70 Internet:

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Thermo-Spa - 2

Nursing Systems Thermo-Spa part-no. AW7610 On-site connections: On site safety measures: Wall socket 230V, 50Hz, 2500W. Fused with 15A. Connection through wall or floor socket near the unit, appr. 1m. For filling a cold water connection 1/2" (drinking water) close to the unit is necessary. For draining an emptying or a possibility to outdoor near the unit is necessary. With option well-feeling-module Concerto Microphone cable 2-wires, shielded to the head-phone jack of the on-site audio-system for the well feeling system. Wall or floor connection. Emergency call device 2 wire cable to the...

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