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Tub for two persons Yin Yang.

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Tub for two persons Yin Yang. YIN YANG with on-site wooden cladding

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A couple’s time to spend together becomes more and more Each bather has her/his own bathing water. Temperature, precious. Common treatments are thus in great demand – the bathing additives and the colour of the light can be chosen tendency for couple treatments is proving this very clearly. individually. Also in terms of hygiene, the separation of the However, not only couples but also close friends, or a mother bathing water is an optimal solution. If a single person books & daughter could enjoy spending this pleasant time together. a bath, only half of the water quantity is needed. For...

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Feeling the sound in one’s body. The Yin Yang couple tub offers the guests a luxurious bath with tingly soundwave massage and vitalising colour light. Tender vibrancies are transmitted onto the water in the tub, that is to say the guests are bathing directly in the loudspeaker itself – this way, the soundwaves can be heard and sensed in every fibre of the bather’s body. An unbelievable feeling! During one bath, the bathing guests experience two intense vitalising energies that enhance their well-being and promote their relaxation. This is an extraordinary bathing event which distinctly...

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YIN YANG TUB FOR TWO PERSONS. This new bath tub offers in the Wellness area the possibility of bathing together, yet separately. The form of the tub is reminiscent of the Chinese symbol Yin and Yang, which expresses the constant change of the opposites. The tub edge is drawn down in the middle so that the common bathing experience can be intensified. HYGIENICALLY SMOOTH SURFACES. Four integrated high-performance colour spots per tub body create an atmospheric colour light on the bathing water - you can have alternating rainbow colours all over the water. The colour light spots are...

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