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Technology for all senses. We have been perfecting our products since 1928. With an eye for detail, and a philosophy based on functionality and dependability, we develop unusual well-being solutions for spas and wellness facilities. Technology for the senses that will delight your guests. Trautwein baths and tables offer the very best in wellness appliances. Close cooperation with therapists and doctors, together with our own experience and expertise, form the basis of our global success. Our numerous patents, plus the many innovative features found in our equipment speak for themselves....

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When everything has to be perfect. If everything’s perfect, you are most likely using Trautwein products. The high demands we place on ourselves are your guarantee for effectiveness and an unbeatable lifespan of reliability. You’ll find advanced technology and lots of intelligent ideas in each of our highly functional and easyto-use wellness systems. Even more, our products come in a wide variety of designs and materials, and in a range of modern colours providing an attractive complement to any room decor. A valuable advantage of our products is, while your customers are using them, your...

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TECHNICAL DETAILS. Pre-assembly drawings and detailed technical descriptions are provided in the main catalogue for all equipment available. Tub and covering materials in the Trautwein range of colours are offered at no extra charge. REMARKS. Please be aware: In this brochure the photos can show chargeable options. We will be happy to provide detailed quotations on request. Due to technical and optical innovations the original appliance can differ from the photo and details of explanation.

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Aromatic bathing pleasure. A pleasing aroma turns your bath into a luxurious experience. Trautwein offers professional bath additives containing natural essential oils and plant extracts for a stress-relieving, aromatic massage bath. Our bath additives are highly concentrated so very little of the product is required: one bottle lasts for up to 50 baths. Trautwein is always developing new, innovative products to perfect the bathing experience. You can find the latest information on our website. SPECIALLY FOR HYDROXEUR® WHIRLPOOLS. TRAUTWEIN’S RANGE OF SCENTS. Our bath additives have been...

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TAKE A TEST BATH TAKE A TEST BATH. Experience Trautwein’s philosophy of functionality and innovations. Experience our products and we are sure you dependability. Discover the amazing quality of our products. will be thrilled! Your guests could be, too! You can try out our wellness systems at our headquarters in We would be happy to tell you which of our distribution part- Emmendingen (Baden-Württemberg) and at the companies ners is nearest to you. Simply give us a call to make an ap- that sell our products. Treat yourself to a relaxing experience pointment, with no obligations, on +49 (0)...

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Hydroxeur.® HYDROXEUR® ATLANTIS 500 OMEGA CLADDING, PLAIN APPLICATIONS. Relaxing in our Hydroxeur® baths is a treat for all your sen- With a Hydroxeur® you can offer a wide variety of bathing ses. Up to 290 ergonomically arranged nozzles provide options, be it a detox treatment, aromatherapy or Thalasso- an unusually intensive and bubbly massage. Emulating the therapy, all of which the Hydroxeur® is equipped to handle. skills of an experienced therapist, the massage begins at the The bath is also available with special fittings for thermal, soles of your feet and makes its way up to your...

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The Hydroxeur® principle. Our Hydroxeur® whirlpool baths make use of a Control panel ROYAL 600 ATLANTIS 500 unique principle that mixes fine bubbles into the water. This champagne effect results in a topquality underwater massage and has a therapeutic effect that is one of a kind. For those who prefer Control panel FLORIDA 300 the finer things in life, Trautwein offers the Royal, Atlantis, Florida and California Hydroxeur® models. For us, top-quality wellness is not only about health benefits; it’s also about technological fea- Control panel CALIFORNIA 300 tures of the highest quality and...

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Hydroxeur.® HYDROXEUR® FLORIDA 100 SAFETY & DESIGN. The Hydroxeur® principle involves air being injected directly Your safety is one of our greatest concerns, which is why into the water pipes. All air and water nozzles are supplied we have equipped the Hydroxeur® with handles to ensure by the same system which means, cleaning solutions and a safe bathing experience, and an adjustable shortener to disinfectant are taken to hard-to-reach places. provide optimum support. An optional, integrated step also The automatic disinfecting programmes take care of hygiene, makes it easier to get in and...

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Shorter models. Surround yourself with the finest swirls of air and a myriad of tiny bubbles, bathe in a rainbow of Control panel FLORIDA 100 colourful lighting and breathe in the finest of nature’s fragrances. Enjoy gentle music and a rhythmic massage and in doing so, bid the stress of your day farewell. Pamper all your senses. Your Control panel CALIFORNIA 100 new-found balance will have a positive effect on every aspect of your life. The Hydroxeur® is your very own therapist and offers complete relaxation with its wide variety of functions. Control panel DIANE 100 HYDROXEUR® > with...

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Hydroxeur ®-Couple Bath. HYDROXEUR® CALIFORNIA TWIN CALIFORNIA TWIN, RENDEZVOUS & YIN YANG. These are exceptional baths for couples that offer the same Our couple baths are the prefect way to optimise financial re- functions with different seating possibilities. In the California turn per square metre in a Wellness Centre or for the creation Twin you sit next to each other, whilst in the Rendezvous of a relaxation oasis in a private home. Due to their ease of you sit on opposite sides, and in the Yin Yang each bather operation, the Hydroxeur® couple baths are also ideally sui- ted to hotel...

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