Digitizing Your Workfow with Kiran Radiography Suite


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Digitizing Your Workfow with Kiran Radiography Suite - 1

Trivitron HEALTHCARE speaking your language KIRAN Email : sales@startrivitron.com Digitizing Your Workflow with Kiran Radiography Suite A Division of TRIVITRON Healthcare

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Digitizing Your Workfow with Kiran Radiography Suite - 2

KIRANa Full Suite of Flexible Solutions for Radiography Kiran imaging, a division of Trivitron Healthcare has developed a full suite of tools to make quality radiography accessible to all. Kiran complements simple and effective imaging solutions with a world-class portfolio of image enhancement, digitization, and radiation protection products to help your team achieve their clinical goals. Throughout the Kiran imaging line, the focus is on integration, robust design, high-quality manufacturing, and adherence to strict quality standards to enable optimized workflows and help imaging teams...

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Digitizing Your Workfow with Kiran Radiography Suite - 3

KIRAN CAWO DIGITIZER 3.2 SPECIFICATIONS The affordable, compact Kiran Digitizer 3.2 is designed as an ideal solution cost effective for digital Radiography without compromising on image quality. Affordable computed radiography solution that makes no compromises on image quality 0 Convenient and fast workflow <> Robust easy to install and maintain ■0- Fits in small spaces 0 Networking flexibility delivers seamless integration GENERAL Digitizer type • Single cassette feed • Throughput: UP to 78 plates/hour (depending on size) Display • LED Status Indicator • Status and error messages on...

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Digitizing Your Workfow with Kiran Radiography Suite - 4

Enabling Advanced Functionality in Digital Radiography features o Touch screen O Intuitive interface O Flexibility and efficiency O Convenient workflow 0- A higher level of integration O Designed for intuitive use ■0 Convenient workflow at point-of-care 0- Facilitates hospital integration Increased flexibility thanks to minimal learning curve ■0*The most frequent tasks are the easiest to do -0-The hybrid touch screen/mouse provides greater efficiency O More efficient workflow reduces examination time ■0-Connectivity between hospital systems and networks means better patient care Precision...

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