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info@trotec.com www.trotec.com Trotec GmbH Grebbener StraBe 7 52525 Heinsberg Phone +49 2452 962-400 Fax +49 2452 962-200 info@trotec.de www.trotec.de Trotec GmbH Rue du Depot 10 Les Parcs de I'Europe 67207 Niederhausbergen Phone +33 390 2948-18 Fax +33 390 2948-19 Trotec C.V. Kreekweg 22 3133 AZ Vlaardingen Trotec International GmbH & C.S.a.s. Via Marconi, 27 + "1" Alii Phone +39 045 6200-905 Phone +39 045 6201-668 Fax +39 045 6200-895 Trotec C.V. Klein Siberiestraat 1C 3900 Overpelt Trotec Sp. z o.o. Sp. k Ul. Olszynowa 9 Podolszyn Nowy, 05-090 Raszyn Phone +48 22 30753-60 Fax +48 22...

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INSULATION DRYING Trotec Innovations ACCESSORIES FOR RESTORATION WORK Insulation Dryers Water Separators MultiQube® System HEPA Filters Fact Check Drying Control Unit This publication replaces all previous announcements. No part of this publication may be reproduced, processed using electronic systems, replicated or distributed in any form, without our written authorisation. Subject to technical changes. All rights reserved. Names of goods are used without guarantee of free usage keeping to the manufacturer’s syntax. The names of goods used are registered and should be considered as such....

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info@trotec.com www.trotec.com Trotec innovations regarding insulation drying Innovative from the start – and always committed to the highest quality Preference low-pressure drying Bypass intercooling Water separator Disposable micro filter Permanent connection series TTSL®remote monitoring Micro and HEPA filters Optimized 4-stage filter ladder In the beginning was the end – the end of the excess pressure procedure Product premieres also at the beginning of the new millennium … Already since the mid-nineties, Trotec – despite considerable resistance from competitors – was the only system...

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Trotec Innovations INSULATION DRYING MultiMeasure Studio Professional Pro Modules Multiple socket outlet PV4-MID PS MultiMeasure Studio Professional UTILITY MODELPROTECTION VX 5 with HiDry automatism and Optiflow NT display Stay tuned! TTKwic QUICK COUPLING 2013: A year of turbo innovations VX – No hex! With the VX 5 Trotec heralds the coming end of the side channel compressor era: The new ultralight turbo engine insulation dryer VX 5 MultiQube® with its unique adaptronic power control replaces all side channel compressor performance classes from 0.8 kW to 3 kW. A DA 4 for the anniversary...

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info@trotec.com www.trotec.com Driving force for innovation on the market of drying installations – Trotec advantages for water damage restoration companies Certified manufacturing Everything directly from Numerous restoration companies have trusted Development, manufacturing and transfer Because all of our devices, components and in Trotec quality for decades. of expertise – all brought together under one accessories are coming from a single roof at the production location Germany. source Trotec solutions are highly functional: restoration and measurement engineers to This combination...

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industrial design delivery capacity With Trotec you have always cutting-edge Trotec solutions are impressive in Whether the devices are intended for drying technology, since 10 % of our turnover every respect: purchase or rentals – Trotec has everything They stand out from the crowd by the visually Which means that every year you can benefit appealing clarity, practicality and functionality from clearly more product innovations than of German industrial designs and impress with many a competitor has launched throughout technical superiority and outstanding quality. his entire company...

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A FEW PRACTICAL BENEFITS: Professional quality “made in Germany” – originally produced by Trotec Patent-protected Replaces 4 devices with one: water separator, HEPA filter, silencer and side channel compressor with a capacity of up to 3 kW It’s quite simple. Plus more. Qube+ info@trotec.com www.trotec.com Globally unique integral solution – Trotec exclusive! Insulation drying can be so easy! Up to 75 % smaller than constructions from competitors Fully automatically always the most efficient drying performance thanks to our HiDry automatism This system allows a quick and easy installation...

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INSULATION DRYING And the Qube+ offers even more advantages: When launched, the Qube already offers the following advantages: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Up to 20 % more area output than a comparable MultiQube® system ■ Adaptronic power control for flexible low-pressure surface drying operations ranging from 10 m2 to 85 m2 ■ The quickest possible drying owing to the globally unique HiDry automatism for all performance levels ■ One Qube takes the place of 4 devices: water separators, HEPA filters, silencers and all side channel compressors of the performance classes from 0.4 kW to 3 kW ■ Flexible filter...

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info@trotec.com www.trotec.com Qube+ – further information… Ultra-compact – plus great equipment: Qube+ ;w ;t w Non-wearing touchscreen control panel for setting the power level, for the activation of TTKwic and whisper mode, with key lock function and the digital display of the operating hours e Optiflow NT multi-function display Touchscreen control panel 50 % smaller than a comparable MultiQube® installation and up to 75 % smaller than constructions from competitors Minor cause, major effect: Thanks to its ultra-compact design the application of the Qube+ allows up to 100 % more working...

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INSULATION DRYING A MID-compliant ³ energy consumption meter is included in the standard equipment of the Qube+. TTKwic mode To ensure that the condensate of the dehumidifiers connected to the Qube+ is pumped off reliably via the TTKwic quick couplings even when the Qube+ is switched off, you can switch the device into TTKwic mode via the control panel a. The motor will be off, but the pump will keep running. The Qube+ comes equipped with a MID-compliant energy consumption meter. To satisfy the MessEG regulations the service socket is moreover fitted with Trotec PlugSafe, so it can be...

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