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IntelliCage for Rat & Mouse Cognitive & Behavioral Screening of Individual Animals Living in Social Groups

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The IntelliCage is the only system on the market which combines grouphoused automated high-throughput screening in one home cage setup. Simple to complex behavioral and conditioning tasks can be designed for cohorts of eight rats or 16 mice through RFID-tagged transponders, allowing individually tailored protocols and recognition. The IntelliCage is comprised of four operant conditioning corners, equipped with sensors for continuous 24-hour recording of behavioral events for real-time access to recorded data anytime during ongoing experiments. IntelliCage offers exceptional high...

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IntelliCage: Applications Being able to capture behavioral changes within the organism is an important part of biomedical research. The IntelliCage provides a broad variety of accessible data for the following areas: Behavioral Phenotyping Automated high-throughput behavioral phenotyping in a social group. With highly standardized phenotyping procedures, the IntelliCage covers multiple behavioral and cognitive domains and allows the comparison of multiple animal models of any disease or single/ multiple gene knockouts. True longitudinal studies Animals either stay in the IntelliCage for a...

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IntelliCage: Technical details Operant Corner: The IntelliCage contains four identical operant conditioning corners, each corner can accommodate one mouse at a time and is equipped with two nose poke holes left and right that give access to water bottles. In response to the animal’s input, the IntelliCage can “react” via several Actors thereby shaping the animal’s behavior according to individualized reinforcement and conditioning protocols. RFID Transponder: Rice corn-shaped RFID-transponders are subcutaneously injected within minutes, which allow individual recognition of an animal within...

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IntelliCage - 5

IntelliCage: Software IntelliCage is run by a unique and user-friendly software package consisting of three separate parts: Designer (allows programming of individual experimental designs), Controller (executes/ monitors pre-programmed experimental designs and records data), and Analyzer (for efficient data exploration, extraction, and export of recorded data, creating customized data-charts). The software modules work as independent entities. Designer and Analyzer can be installed and run on any computer you will need to comfortably program and analyze your experiments. Clusters define the...

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IntelliCage - 6

Controller: Run & visualize experiments Experimental files from the Designer are loaded and executed by the Controller software It extracts and stores all behavioral events (visits, nose pokes, licks), as well as environmental data (lighting, temperature) from the incoming stream of Sensor data. Events and corresponding actions can be monitored and visualized on-screen during ongoing experiments in an overview console view. All data are retrievable from various tables showing the correct or incorrect presence of individuals in conditioning corners, location and correctness of nose poke,...

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IntelliCage - 7

Analyzer: Filter, graph & export data Archive-files from the Controller are loaded into the Analyzer, which uses Boolean operators to filter data for different time-windows or conditions of particular interest (e.g. “all correct nose pokes of control animals during dark phase”). 2 Filtering efficiently facilitates data evaluation while the original data remain accessible at any time. 3 All applied filters can be stored to re-apply them for analyses of further experiments. 4 All graphs and figures can be saved as different image files. Raw data tables, filtered data, as well as data...

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IntelliCage - 8

FlowR-Software by XBehavior: Statistical analysis & visualization optimized for IntelliCage data A graphical user interface translating R-script units into graphically arranged statistical workflows. 02 Click and go - Data visualization and statistical analyses available with just a click of the mouse. Users are seamlessly guided through the analysis process without programming efforts. IntelliCage Basic Bundle with pre-programmed workflows for data preparation, phenotyping, side preference-analysis, place preference-analysis, assessment of general activity IntelliCage allows the transfer...

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IntelliCage - 9

The enormous flexibility enables you to set up individual test batteries for behavioral and cognitive assessment of animal models on: Autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Epilepsy, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Anhedonia, Neophobia, Pain, Obesity, Stress Disorders, Cognitive Disorders, Aberrant social behavior (non-exhaustive). IntelliCage – Behavioral Paradigms A. Spontaneous Behavior 1. Free Adaptation* Animals are adapted to the use of corners to access water. Nosepoking is required to access water bottles – equivalent to Fixed-Ratio-1 schedules. B. Spatial and...

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IntelliCage - 10

Add-Ons: Expand the IntelliCage to a multi-arena system AnimalGate: Selective passage of specific animals for extended functionality Senses the direction of movement & allows/denies passage to satellite cage Extends the IntelliCage to measure food/ liquid consumption Allows black- or whitelisting of individuals Allows additional application of different treatments to individuals without handling Measures body weight of passing mice SocialBox: Monitoring of social behavior using the IntelliCage Used for different tasks including social interactions between animals lighting, temperature,...

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IntelliCage - 11

Running wheel: Monitoring of motor activity using the IntelliCage Up to four running wheels can be added to one IntelliCage Monitoring of individual mice motor movement on running wheel directly from Intellicage controller Selected Publications Sun L et al. (2021) Antidepressant treatment is associated with epigenetic alterations of Homer1 promoter in a mouse model of chronic depression. J Affect Disord. 2021; 279: 501–509. Kiryk A et al. (2020) IntelliCage as a tool for measuring mouse behavior – 20 years perspective. Behav Brain Res. 2020; 388:112620. Mehr A et al. (2020 Lack of APP and...

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