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MotoRater Innovative Kinematic Movement & Gait Analysis for Mice & Rats |

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TSE Motion: Data Analysis TSE Motion Analysis software tracks any type and number of specified body points (automatized tracking) during four different movement modalities: MotoRater “MotionRater” is an innovative automated tool for standardized quantitative and objective evaluation of fine motor function and kinematic analysis in small laboratory animals. Movement analysis is not confined to footprints; it also analyzes kinematic parameters for different motion endpoints. The MotoRater observes the animal from three sides simultaneously and provides explicit readouts for relevant body...

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TSE MotoRater can be integrated with other cutting-edge technologies As a synchronization hub, the trigger box allows advanced users to integrate external systems into the MotoRater. For example, EMG recordings can be triggered and observed directly in the TSE Motion software. Additionally, the wireless EMG option can be obtained through TSE Stellar Telemetry and wireless optogenetics. Selected Publications The MotoRater from TSE Systems is world-renowned among leading academic institutes, research centers, contract research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. Dozens of scientific...

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