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Sophisticated Life Science Research Instrumentation PhenoMaster Next Generation Phenotyping

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PhenoMaster - 2

NG PhenoMaster Metabolism Behavior Physiology INSPIRING. Three disciplines combined within a single fully automated home cage phenotyping system. Metabolic, behavioral and physiological high definition data continuously captured. Unsurpassed precision, minimal human intervention, highest animal welfare. The new standard in Me- Unique features tabolism Research. BEST GETS BETTER - PhenoMasterNG - the next generation with improved sensor technology, even higher animal welfare standards and highest data density on the market! Flawless Metabolic Studies Continuous Calorimetry for Highest...

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PhenoMaster - 3

Modules Overview Calorimetry Climate Chamber Microbiome Activity Monitoring Feeding, Drinking, Body Weight Food & Liquid Access Control ActiMot3 Activity Frame Running Wheel Operant Wall Swivel Implantable Telemetry PhenoMasterNG Pioneer and Market Leader Thinking ahead is what drives the PhenoMasterNG development & evolution. The result is unparalleled flexibility and unique capabilities. Obesity, diabetes, microbiome studies, cardiometabolic studies & energy expenditure. We’ve got you covered.

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PhenoMaster - 4

Metabolism Calorimetry CaloSys For truly flawless metabolic studies fast, precise, sensitive, reproducible CaloSys indirect gas calorimetry measures the animal’s oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production to calculate key metabolic parameters, incl. the respiratory exchange rate (RER), energy expenditure (EE), substrate utilization (fat reserves vs. carbohydrate catabolism). CaloSys does both, PULL or PUSH mode • Only PUSH mode permits hypoxia studies, experiments under germ free conditions and exposure to defined gas content NEW Sensor Technology • CaloSys is as fast as you need - it...

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PhenoMaster - 5

Metabolism Calorimetry CaloSys Most versatile and flexible CaloSys combines and synchronizes with the worlds largest choice of home cage test modules. In addition, it is compatible with out of home cage test devices; such as: CaloTreadmill • Computerized air-tight system for exercise calorimetry • Optimal belt grip, user-defined speed profiles with acceleration/deceleration phases, adjustable incline / decline, optional light stimuli, air puff or electric shock CaloWheel • Air-tight motorized exercise calorimetry wheel with computerized speed control for user-defined running schedules NEW...

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PhenoMaster - 6

Feeding, Drinking, Access Control Don’t miss a sip / nip! Superior weighing sensors capture every feeding & drinking episode. No spillage or leakage. Detailed meal pattern analysis. Automated access restriction. Next Generation Weight Sensors • High-precision sensors, capturing micro-feeding events! PRIME Precision Individual cage controllers allow for complete digital communication to a central acquisition computer with automatic error checking and encryption at sensor level of each individual cage. • UNIQUE Validated for temperature challenges • Food containers with SpillProtect...

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PhenoMaster - 7

Behavior Learning & Memory Operant Wall We bring the experiment to the animal The only home cage integrated operant wall permitting fully automated operant conditioning experiments. No human interference, reduced stress levels, long-term self-motivated learning, customized experiments & other significant advantages. Smart Tools for Smart Research • Stimulus elements include: house light, stimulus lights, sound/ noise generator and speaker (all tailored to customers’ needs) • Response elements include: nose pokes, levers (optionally retractable), running wheel • Reinforcement elements...

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PhenoMaster - 8

ActiMot3 Capture every move! Rearing, jumping, fine & ambulatory movements ActiMot3 infrared light beam sensor frames monitor animal locomotor activity highly effective and reliable, registering even most subtle movements in the home cage or another test arena (e.g. open field, hole board, light/dark or place preference arena). Finest Infrared Technology Uniquely Rich Analysis • The XY frame spans a dense net of infrared light beams across the XY plane at the bottom of the cage/arena to monitor ambulatory and fine movements • The Z frames (up to 2 per cage/arena) with light beams in the Z...

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PhenoMaster - 9

Behavior Exercise Running Wheel Turn your research around TSE Systems pioneers the development of sophisticated voluntary home cage running wheels that can do much more than just “turn”. NEW Design • Slim wheel design and lid-fixation grant maximum space for movement - over 30% more living space • Smart and easy plug in module - quick removal for cleaning EXTRA... slim space functionality Diverse Functionalities • • • • Time- and distance-controlled running with enable/disable function Programmed progressive exercise routines Paired running (running profile of experimental animal is imposed...

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PhenoMaster - 10

Physiology Swivel Swivel Think outside the box! Unique Functionality Exclusive to PhenoMaster With TSE’s Swivel module, home cage testing is brought to exciting new levels. Optogenetics, compound infusion, microdialysis and more - in freely moving animals - fully automated, no more handling, no more stressful procedures in the familiar home cage environment. Swivel Technology • Swivel connects the cathetered animal in the home cage to external devices • The counter-balanced lever arm moves vertically and horizontally with the animal to prevent slack in the tether • Unique sensitivity makes...

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PhenoMaster - 11

PhenoMaster Software Powerful, flexible, user-friendly PhenoMaster your Experiments Acquisition Analysis & Batch Processing • NEW Webbrowser based system, platform indepent (Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linus) operable with any device (desktop, note-book, tablet, smart-phone) • NEW Capability to create virtual large screening clusters by “combining” multiple PhenoMaster systems in different labs with no geographical restriction (high-speed internet & intranet connection is required) • All hardware modules are easily operated in a single main menu with intuitive navigation • Large selection...

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