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Stellar Telemetry Flexibility to Record Data In Any Environment |

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Stellar Telemetry Stellar Telemetry is the next generation of implantable telemetry technology Stellar Telemetry represents the latest technology advancements in implantable physiologic monitoring. The system allows monitoring of many animals with just one receiver and facilitates group housing and social interaction. Stellar implants can be used in animal models ranging from mice to dogs and larger animals and in a wide range of research studies including phenotyping, pharmacology, behavior, metabolic, and general physiology assessment. Stellar implants are available in two device types –...

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Memory Implants Transmission range Flexible receiver placement | Minimize number of receivers | Allow for enriched housing Available sizes Accommodate a wide range of implant size, animal size, and battery life Target animal size Multiple implant sizes to accommodate wide range of animals User programmable sample rate Optimize sample rate based on signal type and required battery life Battery life Tailor implant size and battery life to animal Allow remote collection outside of confined cage environment Built-in memory|Remote data collection Real-time Implants About 6 times the battery of...

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