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Your Flow Meter Redefined All-In-One Gas Mass Flow Meter

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Multiple Integrated Measurements Flow | Temperature | Absolute Pressure | Volume | Low Differential Pressure | Humidity Fits Your Application Easy to Use Touchscreen Display Built-In Data Logger The measurements you need, in one device. Our all-in-one flow meter offers the option to combine flow, temperature, absolute pressure, volume, low differential pressure, and humidity measurements in a single device. In addition to simplifying your test setup, you are also saving time and money by not purchasing and maintaining multiple instruments. Let our new flow meter fit your unique application....

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Operate with FLO-Sight™ PC Software Make the Measurements You Need Use our FLO-Sight™ Companion Software to do even more with your meter. Our new flow meter provides bi-directional flow sensing with a best-in-class turndown ratio. Unlock additional functionality such as viewing real-time graphs, displaying min/max/average data, naming and organizing your flow meters for easier recognition, logging data directly to the computer, setting alarms, and more. This means you can measure a wide range of flow rates in both directions with a single meter, and is especially useful if your full flow...

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Proven Performance Our new all-in-one flow meter is built with the same proven technology that’s been relied upon for 35+ years. The 5000 Series utilizes our proprietary platinum film sensor design for measuring gas flows where high accuracy, fast response, and low pressure drop are performance must-haves. Researchers, engineers, designers, and scientists use TSI® gas flow meters in a variety of applications such as: ▪ Product Development ▪ anufacturing M ▪ Quality Assurance ▪ Research ▪ Metrology ▪ Fiel

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FLO-Sight™ PC Software See your flows as you’ve never seen them before with FLO-Sight software. Get the most out of your new all-in-one TSI® flow meter with FLO-Sight™ PC Software, our 5000 Series companion software. You can now couple the real time analytics and data visualization of FLO-Sight™ software with the industry-leading response rate and ultra-low pressure drop of our 5000 Series Flow Meters to gain valuable insights and truly understand your flows. Optional FLO-Sight basic software is included with the purchase of a 5000 Series Multi-Meter and provides these features: ▪ eal-time...

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Model Selection Guide step What is the range of your flows? What features do you want? Flow Range Flow, Totalizer Measurements Temperature, Absolute Pressure Measurements Volume Measurement (Displayed on screen) Differential Pressure Measurement High Accuracy Models (5230, 5330) Wide Accuracy Models (5203, 5303) Data Logging Relative Humidity Measurement Higher Accuracy (1.7% of reading) Wide Accuracy Spec (3% of reading) What gases need to be measured? 5200 Series Low Flow Base Models Advanced Models Humidity Model Advanced Models Humidity Model Wide Accuracy Spec Model Base Models High...

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□ Accessories included with 5200 Series meter Optional Accessories ■ Accessories included with 5300 Series meter Part Number Inlet Filter – Low Pressure Inlet Filter – High Pressure 1/2 Inch Tube Ends (2) 3/4 Inch Tube Ends (2) High Pressure 3/8 Inch NPT Tube Ends (2) Part Number Inlet Filter 3/8 Inch – Low Pressure 3/8 Inch Tube Ends (2) Optional Accessories Inlet Filter 1/4 Inch – Low Pressure 1/4 Inch Tube Ends (2) Optional Accessories Part Number Tabletop Stand USB-C to USB-A Power/Communication Cable USBC to USB-A Cable with Screw Lock USB-RS232 Communications Cable Universal Power...

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