AeroTrak Plus Remote Airborne Particle Counters 7000 series


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AEROTRAK+ RE AIRBORNE PARTICLE ERS 7000 SERIES AeroTrak®+ Remote Airborne Particle Counters (APCs) are ideal for installation in fixed locations where external vacuum systems are used, typical to but not limited to pharmaceutical facilities. They offer the reliability and no-hassle operation cleanroom professionals require for monitoring manufacturing environments. The proactive identification and early-warning of adverse trends reduces risk while decreasing product waste and manufacturing costs. With the AeroTrak+ Remote APCs, have critical data at your fingertips -without worry of data interruption or potential data loss. Features & Benefits + Reliable laser technology backed by the industry's longest warranty (five years) + Secure, long-term collection and storage of critical manufacturing data + Identifies widest range of particle sizes by way of available model options + Long range wireless enabled with minimal infrastructure using LoRaWAN architecture + Predictive instrument maintenance alerts UNMATCHED 5 YEAR LASER ^WARRANTY + Early-warning of adverse environmental trends with second-by-second monitoring + Reliable operation with heavy industrial electrical immunity compliance + Rapid setup and unit configuration using standard USB-C cable + ISO 14644-14 suitability for use classified + Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) resistant + Sealed inlet prevents accidental ingress of cleaning solutions + Advanced FMS driver auto discovers sensors reducing integration time CHOOSE THE RIGHT MODEL FOR YOUR NEEDS DON'T HAVE AN EXTERNAL VACUUM SYSTEM? Check out AeroTrak+ Remote APCs with Pumps-designed for use in facilities with limited infrastructure, typical to electronics, semiconductor, and industrial manufacturing facilities.

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Light Source Laser Warranty Instrument Warranty Calibration Frequency Vacuum Source Communication Wireless Option External Surface Analog Output Options Standards Operating Range Zero Count Sampling Frequency Status Indicator Alarm Output Data Storage Dimensions (HxWxD) Weight Power Storage Range Included Accessories Optional Accessories Laser Diode Five Years Two Years One Year External vacuum > 15 in. (38.1 cm) of Hg Ethernet (TCP/IP) Modbus RTU LoRaWAN Stainless steel 3 Channels 4-20 mA output: 2 User selectable particle sizes-linear or log scale 1 Status channel CE, JIS B9921, ISO...

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