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Flexible lab control options Fume Hood Flow Device‡ Supply Flow Device‡ Total Exhaust Flow Station* Model FHC50 Face Velocity Controller Supply Flow Station* General Exhaust Flow Device‡ General Exhaust Flow Station* SureFlow Room Pressure Controller * Used with dampers ‡ Control devices can be dampers or venturi valves Chemicals escaping into the laboratory atmosphere must not drift Maintaining this room pressure differential in the face of changing to other areas. Laboratory controls are your building’s second line of fume hood exhaust flows can be challenging. The wrong controls defense. Safety and design requirements, however, are not identical for could jeopardize the safety, energy efficiency and comfort of your every laboratory. TSI offers laboratory controllers to match the safety laboratory spaces. TSI room pressure controls maintain your laboratory requirements, from critical to desirable, of a wide variety environment using one of the following techniques: of applications. Flow Tracking Many organizations directing fume hood practices, such as NFPA, ANSI and the U.S. OSHA, require laboratories to be maintained at a + aintains a fixed volumetric difference (offset) between supply M and exhaust flows small negative pressure relative to surrounding areas. In practice, this + Used in areas where uninterrupted containment is not critical negative pressure is achieved by exhausting more air than is supplied. + Design of choice for open architecture laboratories The extra air exhausted must infiltrate into the laboratory from + Room pressure may fluctuate surrounding spaces, helping to ensure that chemical vapors cannot diffuse throughout a facility. UNDERSTANDING, ACCE

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Fume Hood Flow Device* Direct Pressure + Maintains a measured pressure differential between lab and corridor + Ideal for small, closed labs with critical safety requirements + Design of choice when monitoring constant volume laboratories + Volumetric flow rates may fluctuate General \ Exhaust Flow Device* '■"-x... Supply Flow Station' * Used with dampers * Control devices can be dampers or venturi valves SureFlow Room Pressure Controller Through-the-Wall Pressure Sensor Fume Hood Flow Device* Adaptive Offset + Fast flow tracking control + Direct pressure measurement slowly resets volume...

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